“You think Mr. And Mrs. Langdon will listen to us? Do you think Melissa’s ok? Do you think she likes me? Billy?”

“Enough with the questions, ok?!” Billy ordered, keeping his eyes on the road while on the way to the Langdon’s house.

Jeff huffed angrily, and stared in the rear-view mirror as Billy drove down Liberty Hill Avenue. Jeff saw nothing in the mirror. Strange! He turned to look in the back seat. There was Abbie, sitting very quietly, her hands folded in her lap, as she stared out the window. Jeff looked again in the mirror and saw nothing. He looked back again.

No way! This was too weird…she really is a vampire!

“Stop staring at me!” she ordered.

“Huh??” Jeff looked back at her.

“You don’t like me, just cause I’m a vampire! And ya sit there with your gawking and your staring… you’re making fun of me now!”

“No, I’m not. I-”

“You know what? If there was a law that protected vampires from discrimination, I’d turn you in!”

“Jeff, stop it,” Billy said.

“I didn’t do anything. You’re the one who made me come out tonight to look for vampires. I didn’t really believe you. I needed to get outta the house.”

Billy gasped and slammed his foot on the brake. “Hey! Jeff cried, sliding forward with the force. “You slammed on the brakes because… why?”

Billy looked out at the dimly-lit street. A motorcycle lay overturned near some trees. Billy jumped out of the car.

“No!” Billy choked. He threw a glance back at Jeff and Abbie as they both climbed out of the car quickly. “Jeff…it’s Damien’s bike!”

Damien. C’mon, I can hear your friends. Damien! Can you hear me?! Oh…where is it? Their has to be some life in here, somewhere. THERE HAS TO BE!!! Damien, you can’t die like I did…

“Jeff, you look in those bushes…I’ll look over here. Abbie?”

“I’m still looking!” She said, then stared down at Damien.
The poor guy was dead! He struck his head too hard.

How was Abbie supposed to tell Billy and Jeff the awful news?

Billy trotted over to her. He looked at what she was looking at. “No..oh…JEFF!! Get over here!”

Jeff and Billy knelt by his side. Abbie peered over their shoulders.

“Tommy…I hear you…gotta wake up…I know.” Abbie’s mouth dropped open. Damien was talking. And he was dead!

No. Perhaps she only imagined he was dead…
“Tommy?” she queried.

Did Damien know who Tommy was?

Damien’s eyes flashed open.

“Don’t try to move! You may have internal injuries!” Billy ordered him.
“I can’t call a ambulance I forgot my cell!” Jeff said.

“One of you, go get the first aid kit,” Billy yelled. Abbie nodded and ran back to the car.

“Where is he!?” Damien cried out, sitting up and blinking his eyes furiously “He was here!”

“Who?” Jeff asked. Abbie came back and handed the kit to Billy.

“That guy who came to my trailer…” Damien looked at Billy. “Bastard jumped me! He jumped on my back…”

“Just now?” Jeff said nervously, looking around.

“I was on my bike…I was doing around 40 and he jumped on my back…”

“Not possible!” Jeff scoffed.

“I know!” Damien bit out. He was visibly trembling now.  Abbie ran back to them.

Billy’s eyes grew wide. “Damien-”

“He killed Brenda!” Damien continued, now sobbing. “Now he’s after me. Tommy told me…”

“TOMMY!” Abbie cried.

Billy helped Damien into the car. “Abbie…who’s Tommy?” He asked.

She looked at Damien, a little confused. “Uh… Annie’s Tommy…I think. That was Annie’s boyfriend, from years ago. But how… d’oh!” she face-palmed herself “stupid me… you are a part of Steven and Tommy’s family!”

Damien brushed his tears away, but more slid from his eyes. “Annie killed him, that’s what happened, right? And Steven saw it… Steven saw his brother get killed.”
Abbie frowned, sniffed, nodded. “He was a nice boy.”
“It’s all true… Tommy comes to me…when I’m asleep. Billy, I think he’s a ghost.”

Billy helped Damien into the car, while Abbie and Jeff slid into the back seat. Jeff looked at Abbie again. Scowling, she stuck her tongue at him.

I have to go to the bathroom again, Damien thought.

I hope he makes it on time…

What? WHAT? That was Tommy’s voice…but, how-

Oh…uhhh…Damien? Can you hear me?

Tommy! Damien thought wildly. I can hear you, now but I’m not asleep!

I can hear you, too! How did this happen?! What you do?!

Billy slid into the driver’s seat. “I’ll take you back to our house, tonight. You’ll be safe…Damien? Talk to us!”

Ah, man, this is too weird, even for me! You better say something to him.

“I…have to go to the can.”

I Want The Truth

“Are we ready to go?” Jason asked. He stood at her bedroom door. Melissa looked up at him. Her eyes dropped to her open suitcase. She stared glumly at it. Jason ran downstairs, and dropped his suitcase.
“Ok, I admit it. Annie wasn’t responsible for attacking me. My mistake. But I’m not gonna wait around for Vincent to come after me. It’s morning now. Plenty of time…when he wakes up, we’ll be miles from this place. MILES! Hey, Canada sounds good.”

“We need to stay,” Pat said, and sat down on the couch. “We can’t go. This… is our fault… more or less…”

“Less! So?” Jason asked impatiently as he ran for the refrigerator. He swung the door opened and grabbed a six-pack of beer.

“Daddy you are an ice cube of a man. Even Vincent was a better father than you will ever be!!!”

That remark hurt. But Melissa didn’t understand. Jason could not have a confrontation with Vincent. Not now. Not ever. And besides, Jason wasn’t directly involved, was he? Vincent obviously wanted other victims. Or maybe he just wanted his daughters back. Fine He could have them. As long as Vincent left Jason and Melissa alone. There was a knock at the front door.

“Pat! Get that. I gotta put some stuff in the car.” With that, Jason ran out the back door, carrying some bags. Patricia sighed, and opened the door. It was Billy and Jeff Reizo.

“We need to talk,” Billy said, he and Jeff entering and shutting the door.


“Wow! You’re in a hurry! Where ya going, Jason?”

Jason looked up from the car trunk and saw Damien. Jason dropped the bags into the trunk and turned to go into the house Damien’s strong hand grabbed his shoulder. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re running away.”
Jason noticed the cut on Damien’s forehead, but otherwise did not make eye contact. “Yes! I mean no! I mean, I’ve gotten a big job offer…in Nebraska. But I have to leave today in order to get it.” Jason gently pulled away and began walking towards the back door.

“Vincent really has you terrified, huh?”

Jason stopped, felt his blood run cold. Now he really had to get out of here!
“Vincent… who?” Jason asked innocently.

“Tommy told me you know all about it. You knew him, right? Annie and Abbie’s dad?”

This was getting too weird! Jason moved quickly for the back door.

“Hey don’t go anywhere, asshole! You have to help me!”


“Help yourself, kid!” Jason yelled as he slammed the door in Damien’s face “oh!” he gasped. Billy and Jeff were sitting on the couch with Melissa and Pat. “Hey, what’s up?” he said, his voice shaking badly. “I must be going. But it’s been fun, right? We’ll have to…” His words died as Damien threw open the front door and stalked in.

“You’ve known all along and never said anything! You knew what was happening and you never warned me!” Damien’s voice was quivering as he struggled to not cry. “Why didn’t you warn me, Jason?!”

I don’t…know what you’re talking about. Really… I have to go…”

What a jerk. And to think I wanted him to be my best man, too!

“You coward!” Damien roared. “You son of a bitch, I ought to take you out and feed you to him! How can you live with yourself, Jason?!
“Please, I just want to be left alone!”
“No more lies! Tell me the truth and tell me NOW!” Damien roared.

Jason ran for the stairs. Billy and Jeff leaped up and grabbed him, held him while Damien came forth. “I’m going to Brenda’s funeral, today. But something weird happened to her body: The coroner called my parents this morning. Her body vanished on the way to the funeral parlor! He was afraid he’d lose his job, so he never said anything.”

“Woah!” Jeff gasped.
Billy let go of Jason’s arm. “Oh, God…” he moaned. “and it’s been…oh my God!” Billy buried his face in his hands and wept. Pat stood up and walked up the stairs.

Don’t stop. He’ll sing like a bird, soon!

“Did Vincent take it, Jason? Is my sister going to come back as a vampire?”
Jason looked down and Damien grabbed his hair and yanked his head up.
“I don’t know,” Jason whimpered. “But I can’t help you…I really can’t. I slept with his wife, and now he wants to kill me. He made Annie try to kill me once already. Please… just leave me out of it!”

“Did he make Annie kill Tommy? Look at me, Jason!” Damien grabbed Jason’s jaw and jerked his head up again.
“Jason…I could die if you don’t help me. Will you be able to live with that?”

Jason was crying now and couldn’t answer.

“Come upstairs with me,” Pat said “Damien, Jason is useless to you now. He needs to calm down. I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

The whole, sad story! Me and Anna did Romeo and Juliet in high school. Maybe I should have taken THAT as a hint…I think I was just as foolish as Romeo!


Pat sat on her bed, and motioned for Damien to sit next to her. “Tommy was Annie’s boyfriend. They were very happy together.”
Jason followed them into the room. Pat noticed and ignored him.
“Tommy was the only thing that made Annie happy… years ago.”

She sat down on the bed. It was a relief to confess after all these years. Even here eyes radiated more calm.

“When Annie and Abbie became vampires, like their father, Vincent told Annie she could make Tommy her eternal lover. But he lied to her about how to make a vampire…and he made me choose!”
She grimaced. Tears flowed down her cheeks.
“He came to me… the night after the twins died. He ordered me to choose between Melissa or Tommy. Which one would be Annie’s first…meal! Oh, Damien! Forgive me… I’m responsible for your cousin’s death!”

It was never her fault…she’s been living with guilt for too many years now. She doesn’t have too. He would have killed me anyway. I was a threat to him.

“It’s not your fault. Tommy, he’s with me, now. He’s been following you all these years, but when I was sick, I was like an energy field…for his spirit.”

A spasm of deep throat coughing broke the concentration. Jason was hunched in the doorway, clutching a cigarette. He sneered a little and staggered to the bathroom.

Patricia smiled. “Is he here, now?” She looked around the room. “Damien, where is he?”

“I can hear his voice…but that’s all.”

“Damien…tell him I’m sorry. Tell him I love him.”

“TELL HIM I LOVE HIM!” Jason mimicked.

“Daddy!” Melissa rushed into the room. “There’s someone downstairs, who want’s to talk to you. Someone important!”


Pat, Jason and Damien went downstairs. Steven was standing near the front door.

Steven…bro…it’s been too long without a noogie!

Damien continued quickly down the stairs and ran over to Steven, giving the bewildered man a noogie.

“How’s that?” Damien whispered.

Cool! He’s gotta hate that.

Steven pulled away, and gave his cousin a strange look. ”Don’t do that again. Oh, I dropped your parents at the church. I know it’s 2 hours until the funeral but they want you there pronto. It was a good excuse to come ‘look’ for you.”

“Oh, isn’t that cute? A noogie! But seriously we do have more important issues!” Jason shouted as he clomped angrily down the stairs.

“It appears to me that, at least Steven has courage, Mr. Langdon, he doesn’t seem to be afraid of creatures of the night,” Billy said.

“This doesn’t concern you, four-eyes!”

“Jason? JASON!” Steven interrupted. “You really gonna let Anna get away with all she’s done?” Steven asked Jason.
“She kidnapped my girlfriend, she killed my brother, AND…she buried her father alive.”

The room fell into a dull silence. Jason slowly made his way over to Steven, and faced him down.

“You saw that?”

“Yeah…I saw that, but I dug him up and-”

“You… dug him up,” Jason said disbelievingly. “Aw, shit this is your fault… this is your fault?!”

Patricia moved quickly down the stairs. “Jason. He didn’t know…he’s just a boy…”

“It was HIM we were trying to get rid of you stupid moron. He’s the vampire! AND YOU SET HIM FREE? DAMN YOU! HE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL BECAUSE YOU SET HIM FREE!!!

Jason shoved Steven toward the front door, then shuffled over to the couch and sat down.

“What do we do, Pat? What do we do? He’s gonna wake up in…”

“Ok, don’t panic. What’s done is done. It would have happened anyway. We do have a problem. How do we fix it?”

“Right…okay…” Jason closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.


“But I…thought she was…trying to kill…her dad, too,” Steven said, confused. “I was only…

“Damned us all!” Jason pointed at him in fury.

“Damien,” Pat looked at him. “Get to your sister’s funeral… ask your dad how you can get God on your side. You’ll need Him when the sun does down.”

Damien was shocked.
“But I do! I mean I was sure…”
Damien pondered that. Wasn’t he doing all the right things to make God accept him? Wasn’t Jesus inside him?


No one here, but me, man.


“Damien! Go!” Patricia insisted.

“Right,” Damien said, trembling now. He turned to Steven, and nodded. Steven stared at the others for a moment, then followed his cousin out the front door.

Jason looked insistently at Billy. Ok, what if Vincent were staked in the day…would that work Mr vampire-expert?” Jason asked Billy.

“I’m not… well I think so, but-”

“Great!” Jason hopped to his feet. _Pat. Start the car. We’re going to Danvers!”

“You need to wait,” Billy said.

“Nah! I’ve been waiting for 14 years.”

“But if you wait-”

“I can’t… Billy… Pat, Melissa…I’m ready to do the right thing now. I’m not gonna run away, anymore.”
“Suuuure you will. Damien’s right about you, coward” Melissa insisted.

“I am not gonna run away, anymore.” he stated, determination in his eyes.
He meant every word.


“I know why Tommy didn’t come to me,” Jason said. Jeff and Billy left with Damien. Pat, Jason, and Melissa were sitting on the couch. It was three in the afternoon.

“What?” Patricia asked

“Tommy. His spirit didn’t come to me, his best pal!”

As if?! You’re too insensitive, daddy!” Melissa said.

“Melissa. I know it’s hard but try being more respectful to your father.”

“I don’t deserve it, Pat.” Jason said.

“He doesn’t deserve it, mother!”

Jason sighed sadly. “She’s right. I am insensitive. I know that, now; I’m a lousy husband and a horrible father. All I’ve been concerned about… is how this will affect me. I’m really… self-absorbed.”

“That’s right,” Melissa said. “Tommy’s ghost needed warm and loving people. You’re shallow.”

“I know.” Jason was crying again. “Tommy must be so disappointed in me. At least Steven was loyal to his memory. I never was!”

He took Pat’s hand. For the first time in years. There was new hope in his eyes, a hope born of fear and desperation and lies.
“Oh Pat… if I make it through the next 24 hours. I PROMISE…I’m gonna be a proper father…and a loyal husband, too. Pat we can get married in a church! Maybe Damien’s dad can marry us. Will you do it? Pat?”

Both Pat and Melissa were shocked, albeit, pleasantly. Was Jason Langdon finally becoming a man?
“I… Well I don’t know…” Pat said, smiling in an embarrassed way. She didn’t know how to respond. No man had ever shown her any true affection. But Pat knew he was now being sincere. “I dunno what to say!”
“Say you’ll marry me, and help me do the right thing!”
Melissa stared and stared. Could they be a real family at last?
It was almost too much to hope for!

Jason looked down and rubbed his cast. His skin was starting to itch. “I’m going to the cemetery. To stake that bastard when he can’t strike back.”
He kissed his daughter on the cheek. “I’ll take care of you guys, I swear it.”

The Witches Are Back

“Dad, I don’t wanna play tonight. Please don’t make me play tonight.”

“Jeff…you’re my star-linebacker. I need you out there.” Michael Reizo sat at the kitchen table, and finished arranging the flowers for Mr. and Mrs. Kirkakis. He set them next to the sympathy cards, and Tiffani’s picture. “Don’t you think Brenda would want you to be there? Your mother’s got the night shift. She can’t be there. A sitter is coming for Tiffani, cause we’ll be out past her bedtime. Vanessa…I can sympathize with how you feel. But she’s still your sister. You still have a sister.”

Jeff nodded reluctantly. “Yeh… I do…”
Michael sat down and gazed at Tiffani’s drawing. “All you could talk about all summer was your first Homecoming game. I really need you there.”

“Ok, I’ll go!” Jeff turned and ran upstairs, to Billy’s room.

“Billy, you gotta help me! Dad’s not gonna let me stay home. I gotta go play…IN THE DARK! The vampires are gonna get me, man. You gotta help me!”

“Chill dude! We’ll get through this.” Billy said as he opened his nightstand drawer.
“I’m just as scared as you are. But we gotta remain calm… there’s a strange and terrible night before us…here!” Billy held up a chain necklace with a cross dangling on it. “Wear this.”

Tiffani stomped into Billy’s room.
“Netha thay dat you thay da witch-ladieth comin’ back to Thalem!”

“WHAT?!” Billy and Jeff yelled at the same time.


“Our sister! Billy are we under a curse too?”

“Jeffy, I tot dey hung all da witcheth,” She stated, then shoved her index finger into her mouth and began to cry.


“Vanessa!” Jeff barged into her room, followed by Billy who was holding Tiffani. She leaned her head on her brother’s shoulder and sucked her finger. “You’re sick! How could you tell that to a child!?”

Vanessa smiled as she smoothed her dress and stared into her mirror. “Seriously? I’m not the one raving about witches. You guys started it.”

“You don’t say things like that to a little kid!” Billy said.

Vanessa looked into her mirror and applied lipstick, ignoring what they had to say.

“Let’s forget it,” Billy said. “The queen has to get ready for tonight. And so do we.”

“Oh, yeah,” Vanessa sneered. “Gotta go out to hunt witches-right?”

“That’s right,” Jeff said angrily. “I only hope they come after you!”


“Mr Langdon, you’re a very sick man, do you know that? But you’re not the first person I’ve arrested who was screaming ‘the witches are back! The witches Are back!’ ”

“I didn’t say they were witches!” Jason insisted as he was led to a cell.

“And we don’t appreciate pricks like you making a joke out of such a senseless tragedy. Maybe over in the new Salem, they put up with trash like you, but here we don’t have a very good sense of humor about what happened in 1692, that’s why the name was changed to Danvers. If you wanted to play witch-hunter, you could have done it over there and probably charged a fee. We especially frown on grave-robbing, and desecrating the dead!”

The cell door slammed shut. “Don’t I get to make one phone call?” Jason yelled as the officer walked off.

“Sure,” he called back. “But I gotta eat my dinner first. Until then, you can cool off, Mr. Witch Hunter.”

Jason looked out of the cell window, viewing the small town of Danvers. He had failed. He had been caught inside a mausoleum, by the gardener. Jason was holding a stake and hammer, and trying to pry open a crypt with a crowbar. The gardener wasted no time in making a citizens arrest and notifying the police.

Jason sat down on the cot and prayed the sun would never set again.


It was a nondescript church; dark orange stone walls, and white pointed roof, with a large white cross. The cross could be seen for several miles. The church, itself, situated off a main road, with a single-lane road that stretched for ¼ of a mile. Today, the church was filled with mourners, attendants from the congregation, students from the school, and family friends and neighbors
The altar was adorned with flowers of all kinds, sympathy cards, handwritten messages, Tiffani’s picture.
There was not a dry eye in the building.

Billy sat in the back with his dad, Jeff and Tiffani. After ten minutes of soft weeping, he made his way up front to Damien and his parents.
Damien picked up a book, scooted toward the edge of the long bench. Billy sat down. Damien’s parents looked at them briefly, and went back to quiet mourning.

“Where’s Steven?” Billy whispered.

“Home, couldn’t hang. Mom and dad gave him a mild sedative.”

“Oh,” Billy sympathized.

Billy shifted nervously and noticed the book Damien had: The Occult, by D. Frye-How It Can Turn An Innocent Into A Madman.

“Educational?” he asked.

“Somewhat,” Damien whispered back.
Damien set down the book. “My dad’s gonna sue. The story is: my sister’s body…vanished…on the way to the mortuary. Of course, the one who was driving the hearse had no explanation about…” A lump formed in his throat. “I don’t think the shock has worn off my mom, yet,” he continued.

“Excuse me sir,” An old usher with striking white hair and a face full of wrinkles stood over Damien and Billy. “Phone call. I’m so sorry to disturb you. Someone named Jason, and he said it’s a matter of life and death…”




“What’s up?”

“I went to the cemetery, to stake Vincent so he couldn’t come and kick our asses, tonight. I guess the cops put guards out there because of what me and Steven did. I got caught and now I’m in jail.”

“Oh, God.”

“Haha! You’re the one who has God, not me. Anyway, this is my one call…I have to tell you. I think you can handle whatever happens tonight. Tommy came to you. And I was his best friend! That’s gotta mean something…” There was silence. Damien clenched the receiver tightly.

“Jason…are you…?”

“Ok…just… well, Vincent’s gonna make it hurt, ya know? When he kills me. I’m going to go down screaming… I gotta go. The desk sergeant is looking at me like I’m nuts! I don’t care. They’ll know the truth in the morning. Hey, Tell Missy I love her. Tell Pat she was always so much braver than me…and…tell Tommy I went down fighting…Damien…destroy Vincent…you may be the only one who can.” There was sobbing, and a click as Jason hung up.

Damien jerked when he heard the door open. “The service is starting, and we need you out here, Damien,” his mother said. “Damien? Are you alright? Was that the lawyer?”

Damien slowly shook his head. His sweating hands clutched the phone tightly. “Damien? What’s wrong?” Damien shrank at his mother’s touch. He slowly turned around.

“Damien, say something!”

“I’m going to die,” he whispered.

Damien! You’re so pale…” She touched her son’s face.

Someone rapped on the door lightly. “Starting,” a female voice said.

“Go on,” she answered back.

Damien grabbed her hand. “Mom,” he croaked. I’m going to…die.”

Beverly stroked her son’s hair lovingly. “No, baby. Oh, no. Your sister’s death was strange, but it doesn’t mean you’ll die, too.”

“You don’t understand-”

“Yes I do, sweetheart. I’m your mother. Of course I understand you-”

“I’m GONNA DIE AND HE’S TAKING ME TO HELL!!” he yelled out desperately.

“Damien, it’s you sister’s funeral now keep your voice down!” she ordered.

There was another knock and Daniel came in.

“Was that you, son? You must get it together and now! This is a funeral. Your sister’s funeral!”

“The preacher! I need God!”

Damien was determined to NOT let Vincent Kramer have him and ran out of the room.

Damien rushed to the altar, and the minister looked at him.
“One moment. You will get time to speak-”

“No! Now!”
The attendants, once weeping, now leaning forward in anticipation.

“Help me! I need my soul saved!”
“Sir… er, Damien-”
“Brenda was my sister… ”
“Yes… Damien, this is about her-”
“My sister is beyond help, But you can help me now!”

“Please sit down!”
Daniel stood at the back of the church, a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “There is a time and a place for-”

“No better time than now to be freed from the devil’s wrath, dad!” Damien insisted.

“Disrespectful!” said an old African-american who got to his feet, and shook an old, angry finger. “Sit down and show respect for the dead!” then he straightened his silk tie and adjusted his dark silk jacket.

A young woman in a t-shirt and ripped jeans sat in the bench on the other side. She rested her chin on one hand and brushed back her blonde hair with the other hand. She was a schoolmate of Brenda’s, though not a close friend.
“Quiet, sir! Let him do what he needs to do,” she voiced.

“Very unusual,” the minister protested. But the protest didn’t last long. The sight of the desperate young man begging him for help, changed everything.

“Very well. Ah, the good Lord works in strange ways.”

Beverly turned to her spouse. “He’s about to… ah! We shouldn’t stop him!”

“No… this is what it took? His sister dying?” Daniel scowled a bit, the mixed emotions very evident.
“And during her funeral?!”
“It’s perfect!” Beverly wept.


The minister got a reluctant nod from Daniel, then he looked at Damien.
“Son… can’t it wait?”

Damien shook his head frantically. His lips quivered. Tears rolled down his cheeks. “I don’t have God. Maybe if I did, Brenda…please, tell me what I have to do. I’m willing to do anything!”

The minister also nodded with a little reluctance. He began to flip pages in the bible.

“Blasphemy!” the dissenting African man said, and grabbed his pristine bible, dusted off his fancy, expensive clothes and stomped out.

“For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23. Daniel adjusted his reading glasses. “In short…what ever you do will never be good enough. Not in God’s eyes.”

The minister sighed.
“Why am I even telling you this, preacher boy?!”

“Just humor me!” Damien insisted.

The minister sighed again.
“Never in all my years of preaching God’s word have I ever…”
Then he looked up. What was once a crowd of mourners, now seemed like a crowd waiting to see if they won at BINGO. The young woman in t-shirt and jeans seemed the most eager. Her eyes wide, she was silently mouthing what the minister was reading.

Damien did feel embarrassed, but the memory of Vincent the demon, killing his sister and then tormenting Damien about it, made him feel better.
“I feel like a dork,” he mumbled, and adjusted himself. His stomach rumbled, reminding him he hadn’t eaten all day. But that wasn’t important now. He checked his watch. It was getting late..

The Devil was after him, the very idea was sickening, but it was true.

“I’m damned,” he told the minister.

“Exactly, the minister said softly. Damien leaned forward and put his hands over his face. This news was devastating, it meant there was no hope for him! Absolutely none!

“All is not lost, yet. Don’t despair. There is a way out.”

“I’m gonna be sick…”
Not on my polished shoes, please! Ah… Damien…uh…remember, He who died on the cross, and took the punishment you deserve.”

“Ok,” Damien nodded. He had turned pale. He fell forward onto the altar, and nearly passed out, as his mom and dad ran to his side.

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