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The Homecoming Queen

“As you all know, Brenda Marie Kirkakis, who was supposed to be crowned Homecoming Queen, died three days ago. The crown… ”
Jeff’s dad looked over the huge crowd gathered for the game. He should have been happy for his daughter, Vanessa, and he wasn’t. He was a father who loved unconditionally, but the truth could not be denied.
His daughter, Vanessa, was a bitch. A self-indulgent spoiled child, radically different from her brothers and their good temperaments. And little Tiffani seemed normal so far… he could only hope she stayed a nice girl and would become a nice woman.
His eyes made contact with Jeff, who was openly weeping.
“The crown will be going to…my daughter, Vanessa Jennifer Reizo. This game, and a special page in Salem High School’s yearbook, will be dedicated in Brenda’s memory. Thank You.”

So went the speech by the coach of the Salem High Witches, Michael Reizo. Then, the cheerleaders held up a banner that read “WE MISS YOU BRENDA”

Jeff wept at that.

He wept even harder when his dad took the cross necklace away.

The game progressed smoothly though it took the crowd a little effort to get into it. By the second quarter it was almost normal, With Salem High competing with the team from Marblehead High. At halftime, the score was Home, 8-Visitors, 2


Halftime! It was dark, now. Would God protect Jeff tonight? Well, he wasn’t Christian, but if he made it through the night, becoming a Christian wold be his life’s goal! He ran swiftly across the football field, and into the boy’s locker room to change his jersey. It was pretty dark in here. There were some dim lights in the hallway. He ran to his locker to get some change for a soda, then ran to the pay phone down the hall. Time to call Melissa. He promised he would.

He got his cell and began to call, when the hallway got cold.
It was always cold in this hallway. But this cold was…different. Jeff couldn’t describe it really. But it was definitely different. He shrugged off the feeling and picked up the phone.


His hand stopped in mid-air. His fingers were lightly touching the phone.

“Jeff…I’m here, Jeff. I’m right here. Come over to me, Jeff!”

“No… Brenda?”

There she was! She was coming out of the shadows, coming towards him.

“Jeff, I have something for you. I want to take you to my new world. It’s so beautiful, you won’t regret it, I swear!” she stretched her arms toward him, giggling a bit.

Oh, it WAS so good to see her again, wasn’t it? He lifted his arms to hug her…and stopped.
And remembered.

“GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU’RE DEAD!!” Jeff screamed, turned to run and slammed into the wall. He staggered back, turned again, and fled down the hallway.

“He ran off! Annie! Why did he run off?!” Annie watched Jeff flee from them, screaming.

“Jealous,” Annie replied. “Now come on, we’ll go get your crown, now.”

“Am I really a queen? I have no memories of royalty…”

“Of course. You’re also my new sister. Hope ya like that. I give you my word to never betray you, or drink your blood.”
The new vampire blinked twice, face expressionless. “You are too kind!”
“Hey I promise not to drink you either… oh yay! I feel so…BEEYOOTEEFOOL! I wish everyone could feel like this!” Brenda began hopping up and down happily.

“Yeah, that’s great!” Annie grabbed her arm and held her still. “You’re lucky my dad saved you from being really dead. If he hadn’t gotten to you in time, you would be dead forever from those nasty mosquitoes. My dad saved your life. That was so nice of him! How could I have misjudged him so? Come on! Look, they’re doing the queen ceremony right now!”

Jeff ran down the field, and slammed into his dad, who grabbed his jersey.

“Jeff! Whats your problem?”

“Let go, dad. Oh, please let go. It’s her. Brenda! She’s not dead anymore. Look!”

“You picked a crappy time to start mourning! What in the hell do-”

Michael stared in the direction his son was frantically pointing. He stared harder, and shook his head in confusion.

“Ah… my God…”

“Excuse me!” Annie called. She stepped up to him. “Are you the crown-giver, sir?”

“Me… crown giver… I…”
“Well thanks for your help… stupid!”
Michael only watched Brenda as she skipped towards the stage.

A girl in the stands stood up and began screaming, “It’s Brenda! It’s Brenda!”

Michael waved to Doug to hand him the microphone. He had to make an announcement so people would stay calm.

Vanessa was seated in the throne. She stamped her foot angrily. “Father, what’s going on!? What’s this about Brenda??? Who would play such a nasty joke? Someone call security!”

Annie hopped onto the stage, and walked across it. She grabbed the microphone, before Doug could pass it down to Michael. The crowd in the grandstands were on their feet, some were laughing. Some threw things.

“Calm down!” Michael called “It’s a… halftime show! Just calm down please!”

“Hellooo?” Annie sang into the microphone. People were still laughing. Some were crying. Some were leaving. The football players gathered around the stage to watch the strangest halftime show on the East Coast.

“I SAID HELLO!” Annie roared into the mike. The speakers at opposite ends of the stage made horrible cracking sounds, then died. Everyone on the football field and in the stands ducked and covered their ears. Annie spoke into the mike, and heard nothing.
”Damn! Busted em! Oh, well. Send me the bill!”
She strolled over to Vanessa, grabbed the startled girls hands and pulled her up.

“You’re Melissa’s sister! What are you doing? Hey, get your diseased hands off me! You freak!”

Doug stared as Brenda scrambled onto the stage. Then he fainted.

“Am I queen, now?” Brenda asked “Am I queen, Annie?”

”Hold on.” Annie led her over to the throne. Vanessa defiantly sat down.
“I’m not moving! I’m the…EEEEEE!”

“Annie said get up, so, GET UP!!”

Vanessa began crying loudly. “This is a joke! This is a horrible…no, please don’t touch me! I’ll move!” Vanessa staggered to her feet, tripped, and fell to her knees at the foot of the throne.

Jeff grabbed his cross from his father. “I told you. I told you I had to wear this. She’s a vampire now, dad!”

“Crown me! Crown me!” Brenda said as she hopped up and down in the throne. “I’m gonna be queen of the…Annie? What are we, again?”

“Vampires! Now let me introduce you, first. I’m gonna have to yell, so-”

“I WANT THE CROWN FIRST!” vampire Brenda shrieked.

“Alright. Keep your pants on!” Annie hovered over the Doug’s prone body. He was still out. She pried the crown from his hands, and held it up.

“Hey ! These aren’t real diamonds!” she said “Does that bother you, Brenda?”


“We’ll rob a jeweler later.”

“Poopie!” Brenda sulked.

Michael and Jeff watched the macabre scene in total awe. Jeff turned to his dad, and handed him the necklace. “You wear it, dad,” he said bravely.

Brenda reached over and grabbed the frightened, still-sobbing Vanessa. “I want you to give me my crown,” Brenda smiled “since you like me so much.”


“Do it! Do it, or I’ll tear you apart!”

Jeff lunged for the stage. “Don’t kill her,” he begged. “Please, you’re going too far Brenda…PLEASE!”

“Annie! How could you do such a disgusting thing!?”

Annie looked up when she heard the familiar voice.

Abbie! Annie looked at her in anger, while Michael pulled the king off the stage, and Brenda released Vanessa, awkwardly fitting the crown on her head.
“Let’s knock over a jewelry store now!” Brenda chirped.

“PARTY-CRASHER!”Annie yelled, and dove for Brenda.

She’s going to get away!” Abby cried, while running alongside Billy toward the stage. Jeff dove for Annie’s foot. Annie and Brenda jumped into the crowd of football players, and vanished in a puff of mist. Abbie hopped onto the stage in despair.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked weakly.

Jeff was busy reviving the king, when a terrible thought came to him. “Melissa! Is she gonna go after Melissa next?” he cried.

The Fearless Vampire Hunters

Damien lay on the couch in the study, listening to Beethoven on a walkman. Billy finally called. He would be over very soon. So, Damien was resting and waiting, and getting to know his lost cousin Tommy. They talked back and forth in a conversation with no audible words. Tommy was overjoyed to be able to talk to someone for the first time in fourteen years.

A car could be heard outside. It screeched across the pavement as the brakes slammed.

Damien? I gotta know…why do you feel different than you did earlier…

What do you mean? Damien asked silently. He heard car doors slamming.

I’m not quite sure…you feel…clean. I don’t know how else to describe it…but your insides feel very…pure?

Loud tapping could be heard at the front door.
“Damien! It’s Billy. Come outside! Hurry!” Damien grabbed his jacket, and rushed to the front door. His parents were upstairs. He would talk to them later. He couldn’t go into it, now. He opened the door. Billy was here.

“Damien! Are you ready to go. We got Jason out of jail. Abbie hypnotized the police, but the spell should wear off soon…and…uh…”

“What?” Damien said anxiously.

“Brenda was at the Homecoming game. Look, we’ve got to get the other vampire. If we stake him, Brenda will become normal again. I hope.”


“I thought you were dead!”

Damien and Billy looked across the street. Abbie was standing by the car. She walked toward them, a puzzled look crossed her face. She ignored Billy and stared at Damien. “You were dead, weren’t you?”

Damien smiled. “You guys found me in time.”

“Who’s you guys? I never found you. I was told you were dead.”

TOLD! Oh, my gosh…Damien…ask her who she sees-WHO YOU ARE! Ask her!

Jason was running out of his house. Jeff was waiting on the lawn. “They’re gone!” Jason yelled “He took them, that bastard! He left a note…” Tears rolled down his cheeks as he thrust the note to Billy, who read it aloud.



Billy looked up from the evil letter. “He’s got my daughter,” Jason sobbed. “Can you believe I still don’t want to go out there? But I have to.”

Damien looked back at his house. “My parents are asleep.”

“We have to go, now,” Jeff cried. “Our dad was coming back here to pick us up, after he took Vanessa home. She went ballistic… not that it’s a bad thing.”

“Then let’s split, before they try to stop us.” Jason ran for the car. The others quickly followed.

Damien! Ask her!

Damien slipped into the passengers side, while Jason squeezed in beside him.

“Abbie..who am I?”

“Oh…you don’t know?”

“Tell me.”

“You’re Tommy.”

Oh MAN! He was right! I really am a threat! I never would have believed that!

Damien looked in the rear-view mirror, and saw himself.

Those who exist on the other side must see me.

“Do I sound like Tommy?”

“Who else you gonna sound like? Damien?”

Abbie and Jeff were already in the back seat. Abbie looked hard at Jeff. “I still don’t like you,” she stated. “If vampires were a race, you would be a racist.”

“I don’t care what you think,” he mumbled.

“Plus, I think Melissa’s too good for you.”

“Knock it off, guys,” Damien said.

“YUK!” Abbie said. _I smell garlic!”

“It’s in the trunk. We’re all ready to go.” Billy said, and started the car.

“Tommy, what you do with Damien?”Abbie asked.

A Night In A Graveyard

The air surrounding the cemetery was especially cold tonight. Billy put the car in park and got out, followed by the others. Slowly they walked through the open cemetery gates. Lightning flashed in the sky, and a cold breeze blew. Jason looked around nervously.
“Pat said he could make storms,” he stated.

“Vampires have that ability,” Billy replied. He clutched a canvas bag that bounced as he walked.

“Wow, you look sooo much like Tommy,” Abbie said to Damien. “Such a nice kid. I had a bf once, but daddy ‘scared him off’. ”


“You don’t wanna know.”

“But I… alright, never mind.”

A shadow came flying out of the darkness. It was Steven.

“I thought we told you to stay away!?” Jeff said.

Steven ignored him and grabbed Jason’s arm.
“Hey, I followed a security guard here. I heard him scream. I tried to help him, but I couldn’t find him. Then, Annie got here a half hour ago. She confronted her dad about how he lied to her, about how he promised her he wasn’t gonna hurt Pat or Missy, and…and… ”

“And what?” Jeff asked angrily.

“Took her off. Somewhere…” he pointed.

“Where are they?!” Jason asked, or rather, demanded.

“Well, I don’t know. They took them off to the back, where the above-ground graves are.”

“Anyone else out here?” Jason intoned nervously.

“Well…” He swallowed hard. “Brenda…and Lucy. I think he locked up Pat and Missy somewhere…but I don’t know where. Just, they went to the bigger graves.”


A groaning noise could be heard behind them. They turned around, and watched as the old gates slammed shut with a rattling clang.

“He knows we’re here,” Jason said.

Jeff ran to them and tried to pull them open. It was futile. These gates were shut up tight. “I gotta go find Melissa!” he shouted, and ran off into the darkness.

“Wait!” Billy yelled after him. “We can’t split up. Darn!” He looked around. Jason had already gone off with Steven to search for Annie. He sighed and dug into the canvas bag he was carrying, and pulled out a crucifix, a vial of holy water, and two bulbs of garlic. Abbie wrinkled her nose. Abbie waved her hand in front of her face.

“Puke! Oh man that stinks!”


“She was really pissed off,” Steven said.

Jason followed him down a sloping dirt path. In his good hand, he held a long billy club. He had found it in the beaten, bloody corpse of the security guard. The sight made Jason lose his lunch, then he yanked the club out of the guard’s crushed chest.

“I really should have known better, about Annie,” Steven said “but how was I supposed to know? I didn’t know. Over here somewhere.” Steven wandered on ahead. A cold hand grabbed Jason’s shoulder. He turned around anxiously.

“Tommy,” Jason whispered.

It was Tommy.


Damien clutched the crucifix and ran swiftly through the cemetery. He looked up and saw the crow(which was Abbie) circling overhead. It/she squawked loudly, and flew toward a decaying tree. Damien ran swiftly over the ground.

Me…Damien, that’s me! That swine! How’d he do that???

Damien saw a boy hovering near Jason, a boy of about eighteen, with long dark hair.

“Jason, it’s me! Oh, it’s so good to see you. Jason? C’mon…give me your hand.”

“Don’t do it, Jason!” Damien hollered “That’s not Tommy.”

Jason looked at Damien, tears streaming down his cheeks. False-Tommy looked at Damien.

“No…I got rid of you…I got rid of you fourteen years ago…Vincent!” False-Tommy looked down at the terrified Jason! “It’s Vincent, Jason, don’t listen to him. I’m the only one you can trust. Give me your hand.”

“He’s lying Jason! He’s a demon, and demons always lie.” Damien stepped forward bravely. “Get thee behind me, Satan, you got no power over me.”

“I got rid of you once. I can do it again!” With that, False-Tommy changed into a bat and flew away.

“Who do I trust?” Jason yelled desperately. “Tell me what to do!”

“Don’t believe what you see!” Damien admonished.

Abbie landed on her feet beside them.

“Did I just see TWO Tommy’s? This is all so weird!” said the teen vampire.

“Over here! Ja… daddy!?”

Jason looked around. There! In one of the above-ground tombs locked with a heavy metal gate, and trapped inside were Patricia and Melissa.

Damien and the others saw the female prisoners too, and Damien said, “Ok, that you can believe.”


Jeff pushed his way through the tombstones. This was so creepy. Too creepy. But he had to find Melissa. She was in danger. Jeff stopped amidst a cluster of tombstones, and listened.

“Jeff…help me! I’m over here. Jeff!!” He walked up to a large crypt and pressed his ear to the cold granite.
Was the screaming coming from inside?

“Jeff…I’m in here! Jeff, save me!” Melissa yelled.

It was her. He had to get this thing open. He had to save her! He searched the door frantically with his eyes, and saw a large crack in the door. Jeff shoved his hands into the crack and pulled on the crypt’s stone door. It finally creaked open

A bony hand shot through the crack, and grabbed a terrified Jeff. A skeleton face shot out at him

“April fools,” it croaked.


Steven peered at something in the distance. There was a dim light up ahead in the darkness. He found that Jason was no longer with him. Maybe Jason was a coward.

He ran toward the light, It was a small chapel, with a light in the tower. He ran to the wooden door, and pushed it open. The darkness greeted him.

So where was the light coming from?

“Help me! Save me from my father!” The voice was coming from up above. Steven stumbled through the darkness, and found a stairway.

“I’m coming up! Annie? Annie I’m sorry for attacking you! Really, I didn’t know. Annie?”

Billy left Damien and Jason as they struggled with the locked tomb gate and went off in search of his brother. He had a terrible feeling they were short on time, and that something awful would happen very soon.
He raced through the cemetery. “Jeff!?” he called out. “You are in a bad place alone. That’s not good!” He arrived at the chapel, when he heard screaming somewhere far behind him.



He turned in time to see Steven stagger out of the chapel. His dead girlfriend was holding onto his legs. Billy raced forward, grabbed Lucy, and pulled her down. “Hold her, Steven!” he yelled. Grasping his stake tightly, he rammed it into her chest. She shrieked and writhed for several minutes. Then, she lay still.

Billy trembled all over. “I killed a vampire! I really killed a vam… holy hell I’m gonna vom-”
He didn’t finish the words, they were choked off by his puking up of breakfast from the last three weeks.


“I gotta go! Get it together Steven!” Billy staggered off in the direction of his brother’s voice. Steven just sat, gasping.


“I’ll get you out!” Jason promised. “Where is he? What happened” Did he hurt you guys?”
“Just locked us in here. Daddy hurry, before he comes back!”

Jason paused. “I like that name,” Jason said wistfully.
“Great. Well get us out, huh? Now daddy?!

“That bolt is too tight!” Pat pointed. “Can you loosen it with the club?”



Damien heard Jeff’s mournful cries. After the apparition of Tommy had vanished, he sat for a few minutes, not sure what to do. Jeff’s screams spurred him to action. Billy caught up to his friend and they found him, backing away from the decayed corpse that was ambling toward him, croaking APRIL FOOLS, over and over, like a parrot.

“Get it away from me, someone! Get it away!” Jeff was terrified, and found himself wishing he was back at Homecoming.

The corpse was slashing at the air in front of it, trying to get at Jeff. Jason moved quickly, hacked off its arms with the sickle. It continued waving its stumps madly, as it fell over. Its jaw popped off, and the body became still.

Billy went to his brother. Jeff fell to his knees, and said, “I am so not liking this!”

“Where’s Abbie?” Billie asked.

Damien shook his head. “She went somewhere over-”

“Help meh!” Jason yelled.

“Hurry! He locked us in here and left. You know he’ll be back!” Pat said.
“I’m… gonna need a crowbar or something!” Jason realized.
“Use your head, daddy!” Melissa snapped, then mimicked the top of her head slamming the gate.

Clacking noises could be heard around them look said Jason loudly Damian look behind him to the side of him more corpses were stumbling in their Direction their arms stretched out ready for a revolting and Brace
“Hero time?” Jeff asked with hope in his voice. “I did my part, someone else can go next!”

Billy spoke for them all when he said, “I think we’re done for!”

Wicked Things In High Places

“Boring! I can do so much better!” Vincent insisted. He strolled closer to the gathered, frightened assembly, waved his hand through the air and the skeletons crumbled to the ground.

“Annie Kramer come on down! I’m ready to start the party games!”
Annie stomped angrily towards the cemetery, now that she had pulled herself back together in the literal sense, she was powerful again. “Daddy!”
She glared at him, the old looking gray-haired man with the cowboy boots, denim jacket, and jeans and the same piercing blue eyes that lied to Brenda.
“Jason where are you going?!” she shouted.
“I need a crowbar!” he shouted back.

“Oh, he’ll never find one in time,” Vincent chuckled.He clapped his hands together..
“Alright!” Vincent chirp happily “this is nice, all of you came willingly to my party. We’re sure to have a lot of fun! Now, I want to start the party games!”

Brenda who was sitting on top of a large tombstone, clapped her hands. “Yaaay! she squealed.

“Alright,” Vincent went on “first game! Annie, I want you to kill Tommy.”

“You crazy fool! I did that once…”

Annie stopped speaking as she saw…

“Oh… my love!” she whispered harshly. She ran to embrace what she thought was Tommy, and when she touched him she immediately jumped back.

It burned! Many tiny blisters formed on her hands, but vanished in a few seconds.

“Found it, asshole” Jason screamed, running back to the crypt.

“What did you ever see in that moron?” Vincent shouted to the trapped Pat. Then he turned back to the cowering Annie.
“My darling child… kill him! If you don’t kill him I will slaughter Missy. If you still refuse to kill him I will slaughter Pat. Then the moron and the rest of these stupid fools!”

He can’t kill me twice can he?

“That won’t happen… Vincent, you can’t kill me twice!” Damien shouted. “I’ve come back to send you back to where you fell!”

Annie reached for him again and jumped back again, wailing loudly. “I can’t touch him, daddy! I can’t touch him!!

Pat struggled with the gate, as Melissa yelled out, “Don’t do it, Annie! Don’t sell out!”

“I have an idea!” Annie cried out. She had no choice and maybe it would work this time. She looked at Tommy for several seconds, then she dug her fingernail into her skin and held out her now bleeding hand.

“Drink! she whispered, “please!”

I wish I could. I want to be with her, but not like this. Don’t do it Damian!

“I can’t. Please don’t make me,” Damien begged.

“You’ll live forever! Me, you, Brenda! Don’t turn down this opportunity!”

Abbie stomped towards them all from a nearby crypt. “You can’t do this!” she insisted.

A large tombstone flew up from the ground and whizzed straight at Abby. She tried to shield herself with her arms but it landed on top of her leaving only her feet kicking at the air wildly.

“Oh, no way! That was cool!” squealed Brenda “do that again, yeh?!”

“Such rude interruptions!” Vincent said. “go on, child, make him yours for eternity!”

Damien looked at the tombstone, at his “sister”, then back at Annie.

“I’m going to live forever, anyway I wish you could join me.”

Annie stared for two seconds, before turning her head to the sky, and cried out in anguish.


“Tommy Tommy is it really you?”

Every head turned. Stephen came out from behind a tombstone, and headed for Vincent, who once again took on the image of Tommy.

“Yeah Steven it’s me, he gently replied. He smiled brightly and held out his hand. “I told you I’d never leave you Steven.”

Steven sobbed loudly, walking toward the image of his brother. Hold me,” he begged pathetically “one last time!”

Jason turn from the gate “Don’t do it Steven! It’s not Tommy… Steven, he’ll kill you!”

Steven ignored him and embraced his brother. “I love you Tommy I love you so much!” he wept.


It was a clear night with a million stars and a quarter moon showing brightly above. So, needless to say all were shocked as the lightning bolt crashed down from the empty sky and slammed into the earth in the very center of them all.

The ground cracked open and a sinkhole begin to form and get larger. An ominous stench of sulfur became evident right off.

Billy and Jeff waved their hands in front of their faces. “Holy crap what died down there?!” Jeff asked.

“Think we need to go,” Billy mumbled, but he could only stare at a growing hole in a fear he could almost comprehend. The hole was becoming larger, and black tendrils of smoke wafted out, and an orange flickering light was now poking through the darkness.

There was a sound coming from it, now; at first, it was a high-pitched hum and slowly morphed into the sound of… wailing?

“Yeh, we gotta go!” Billy said with more resolve, and more fear.

“There’s… there’s somebody down there,” Jeff said, astonished. Now everyone in earshot could hear it, and recognize it. It was a very pronounced, very desperate wailing and screaming.

“Get out! Get away from here!” Damien yelled as he ran for his sister.


CRAAACK was the sound as the ground broke wide open, the black smoke pouring out but it was not black enough to dispel the ugly orange light.

“Jason hurry!” Pat whispered as tears begin to run down her cheeks.

“I’m trying!” He pounded on the gate and glanced over, just in time to see Vincent and Steven plunge down into the sinkhole.

“Oh my God!”

“God has nothing to do with that, Jason! That’s where Vincent came from!” Pat informed him.

Oh, shit!” Jason realized. Melissa looked at her mother in terror and back to Jason. “Daddy get us out!” she yelled.

The creaky metal gate finally gave way and Pat and Melissa tumbled out. They grabbed Jason, roughly clinging to him, and the three of them staggered away. “Don’t let us fall in! Melissa cried.

“Over this way! Over here!” cried Jeff.

They now lurched fast toward the front of the cemetery, but Jeff paused as he heard a tortured voice coming from the ground below.

“Help… please help… ”

Jeff look down toward the hole as a tortured human face looked up at him, as a flaming hand reached out to him.

“Please help me!” the person cried out, reaching up in desperation.

“Go! Go, go, go! Run!” Damien cried out.

“He means now!” Billy’s voice shouted in his ear.

This kind of feels gay, Jeff thought stupidly, as Billy grabbed his hand and pulled him along, away from the sinkhole now spreading out behind them. Away from that tormented face and away from that horrible screaming.


Finally making it out of the cemetery,Damian held his sister in his arms as the seven of them huddled together, waiting for the end.

But it was getting quieter now, the screams were fading away and the smell of sulfur was dissipating.

“What happened, Damien?” Brenda sobbed “what happened? I want mom! Damien I want my mom!” He cuddled her closely, kissed her forehead.

“You’re ok now,” he promised.

“What am I doing out here?! she sniffed loudly.

Jason hugged Pat and Melissa. “Let’s go home. I think it’s over.”

“Thanks for not leaving, dad.” Melissa sighed.

Jeff looked at the area where the sinkhole used to be.

“Did that happen? Did that really happen?”

“Not if you don’t think it did,” Billy replied.

“Okay Jeff said kind of relieved.

“Damien,” Annie patted his shoulder carefully. She put an arm around her sister “Can we… join you now?” she questioned with a faint smile.


The end

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