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Billy walked home in a daze. It took him about one hour. Along the way, he tried to come to terms with all that had happened. He plodded up the driveway to his house, deep in thought.

The front door swung inward. His dad came out, strode up to him and grabbed his arm.

“William! Where have you been?! Your mother called. You should have been home an hour ago!”

“I walked home,” he said stonily, pulled away, and headed for the front door.

“Walked home? Across town?”

“I needed some time to think, dad.” Billy came into the house and saw his brother, Jeff, sitting on the couch, playing an electronic football game. He looked up as dad came in and shut the door.
“Dude! Aw, God…you look like death, man,” Jeff remarked.

Billy stopped, puzzled, or maybe in shock. “I do?”

“Biwy! BIWY!” The voice of a little girl floated down the stairs. Billy looked up. Tiffani, the youngest Reizo, stood at the top of the stairs, her golden hair cascading over her shoulders. She was wearing a pink nightgown. In her three-year old hands she held a very large sheet of paper.
“Wookie what I make!” She held up a drawing of flowers and birds. A big smile broke out on her face.

“Ith fo’ Bwenda!”


“Yeth it ith fo’ Bwenda! Itth a get wew pwethent!”

Billy’s knees buckled. Jeff was able to grab him and lead him to the couch.
“Jeff…dad…Brenda’s dead!” he whispered.
Tiffani ran down the stairs and went to Billy. She held up the drawing again, hoping for a smiling approval. He always loved her drawings before!
Billy’s hands shot out and shoved her away. She stepped back as Jeff put his arm around his brother. “Relax, man. Relax!” he said softly.
Tiffani looked at her brother with true bewilderment.

“BIWY DOTHENT WIKE IT!” She shouted, then began bawling. Jeff picked Tiffani up. “Quiet. Vanessa’s sleeping!” He whisked her away to her room and shut the door. Michael Reizo was silent for about 2 minutes, then he shoved his hands into his pockets and said, “Better call Nina. Let her know you…”

His voice faded. Billy sulked upstairs to his room. After shutting the door, he heard tapping at his window. He strolled to the window.
“Abbie!” He opened the window quickly.
“Hey, how are… how’d you get up here?”

“I’m sorry that Brenda died.”

“How do you know?”

“We had to go to the hospital, cause Jason got hurt. Annie tried to beat him to death. The only thing that saved him, was Steven was with him. He didn’t have his cell but he ran to a payphone and called the cops. Damien was at the hospital. He told us about Brenda.”

“Damien said she was murdered…do you want to come in?”

“No…I… wait! Did you say murdered?”

“Ah… Well, Damien said…Abbie?”

Abbie just stared blankly at him.

Didn’t her mother ask her if Annie had done something to Brenda?

“It’s all connected!” Abbie said out loud.

“Connected? To what? Abbie? Do you know something? Anything about what happened?”

She looked back at Billy. “Maybe there is a connection. Um… Annie ran away…after she…tried committing suicide, a couple days ago. And…well…see, up until now…Annie has always been very… nice. But wherever she was for a night and a day…she’s a totally changed person, ya know? She’s mean. And violent. She went ballistic and tried to kill Jason. That’s not Annie! She hates me, now…”
Her words trailed off, and she looked away.
“What else… please, tell me!”

“My mother… asked me if Annie had ‘done something’ to Brenda

“Did she?!”

“No…” Abbie rolled her eyes up. “Truth! No, she’s got nothing against Brenda… I think… she knows who did… I gotta go!” Abbie braced herself to leap to the ground. Billy grabbed her hand.

“No, you can’t leave yet!”

“Hey! Leggo! I’m off-balance… AAAK!” Abbie slipped, flailed her arms wildly, and crashed to the ground.

Billy was ready to jump out the window after her. He heard a loud POP, and saw Abbie struggle to her feet.

Was he seeing correctly? Her left leg had bent backward, and appeared to be stuck. He watched in awe as her foot tapped against the back of her head, as she hopped around on the lawn grabbing at her broken leg. She got a hold of the shoe, and pulled her leg down. Billy heard another loud POP.

Billy jumped as someone opened his bedroom door. It was Jeff.

“Well, I told her Brenda went to heaven, but, just how do you explain death to a three year-old? I have no idea!”

Billy turned back to the window. Abbie was already gone.

What in the world was happening?

Broken Hearts And Cowards

“Mom, I’ve made you some tea.”

It was mid-afternoon on Tuesday. Damien stood at the kitchen sink, in his parents house. His hands were wrapped around a large coffee mug. He walked to the table and sat beside his mother.

Damien’s mind went back to this morning, when he was sleeping and had yet another dream:

Damien! I am so sorry… I can’t even do anything to convince you; this was Vincent’s work. He murdered Brenda… and you think It’s only a dream!

Tommy, shut up.


He placed the cup in front of her.
I won’t be sleeping for awhile, he thought. A long while.
Beverly looked at her son with grateful eyes. “Thank you, Damien,” she whispered.

Damien watched her carefully, and reminded himself about how Brenda really died.

Brenda’s doctor had explained that some North American mosquito can be as lethal as South American and African bees. And, even though this particular case was highly unusual, it was possible. This was the cause of death, listed on Brenda’s death certificate, and signed by their dad.
That was it.
No strange Bogey-man killed Brenda.

Damien quietly excused himself, and went to check on Steven. He had come home this morning, muttering something about Lucy being stolen. When Damien took him aside and broke the news about Brenda, Steven looked stunned, but only for a moment.
“I should have known!” he said, then closed himself off in his room. Damien guessed he was still in there. He peeked in, and saw Steven curled up on his twin bed, clutching a ragged stuffed bear. His eyes were shut tightly and he was trembling. Damien quietly pulled the door shut and went back to the kitchen.
Oh, this must bring back only the worst memories for Steven, and for the first time, Damien felt a true empathy for his lonely, miserable cousin.

Where is dad? Damien wondered. Oh, yeah. He’s in his library, making Brenda’s funeral arrangements. “Mom, Damien said, touching her shoulder,
“I’ve gotta go.” He headed for the front door.
“Damien! You can’t go!”
He looked back. His mother was now standing in the entryway.
“I”ll be back.”
“But you don’t know how much I’ve missed you. I know we did the right thing, your father and I, but having you gone, it’s been so hard for me. Now… I’ve lost my baby girl! Damien, please, don’t…”
She broke into loud sobbing. His father came downstairs, took his wife’s hands, and talked to her softly. She nodded, and went upstairs.
“Damien,” he began in a low voice. “You heard what she said. You need to stay.”


“This is a price to pay…to get our son back. I…won’t claim to understand why God took Brenda, but, please don’t leave. Damien…you’re all I have left.”

Tears filled his eyes. Damien turned to his father, and very quietly and firmly, spoke.

“No…you have God.”

He walked out, closing the door as he left.

Jason sat at the kitchen table. Melissa sat on one side of him, Pat on the other. He coughed, and exclaimed, “Ow That hurt! That hurt real bad! Think I need some more codeine.” Two of his ribs were cracked. Three fingers on his left hand were smashed. That hand was in a cast.

“Tell us again, Jason,” Pat urged “Everything that happened.”

“Well(ouch)…there’s not much to tell. Steven and me…and his girlfriend…we got together, to try to stake Annie. We went to the cemetery She yanked Steven out of the truck, and then he ran off to call the police… she kicked the crap outta me, til the cops showed up. She(ouch!)kidnapped Lucy and split. You know, I took a ten-minute beating from her. TEN minutes Pat!”

There was a knock at the front door. “I got it,” Jason said. He rose slowly, hobbled out of the kitchen, groaning all the way. He made it to the front door and opened it.

“If you are a salesman, we don’t… hi, Damien. Hey… sorry to hear about Brenda.” he shrugged helplessly.

Damien breathed in deep. “I need to talk to you.”

Without waiting for a reply, Damien took Jason by his good hand, pulled him onto the porch, and closed the front door.

“Jason… do you know someone named Vincent?”

Jason sucked in his breath. Annie must have told him! But, why did Damien want to know?

“Nnnoo… why?”

“I’ve been having these dreams that my dead cousin Tommy is talking to me… He’s told me things… I’ve since learned that these were things only Tommy knew about. Like… who’s Vincent, Jason? Do you know?

“Sorry. My ribs kinda hurt. Annie used me for a punching bag. No. afraid I don’t.”

“Tommy said that Brenda was murdered. I believe it. Do you know anything about that?”

“No. Really. Sorry to hear about your sister’s death.”

“You lying to me?”

“Of course not! Sorry. I’m really in a lot of pain. I gotta go. Bye!” With that, Jason opened the front door, and went back inside the house.

After coming back into the kitchen, Pat asked him, “What did he want?”

“He’s just upset because his sister died. He really doesn’t have a problem in the world.”

“She was my friend, daddy!” Melissa sobbed.

“That’s it,” Patricia said. “Vincent did it to your friend, Melissa.”
Melissa put her hands to her face and began crying. “He’s really getting revenge on us, mom!”

“I know. Beverly is my friend. And I’m responsible for her daughter’s death. I’m still being punished. After all this time…”

“Don’t say that,” Jason insisted. “It’s not true.”

“Get real, daddy. This isn’t a story. This is some REAL ugly shit!”

“Vincent can’t come back, ok?! I won’t accept that!” Jason insisted “Look, we buried him. Upside down, even! If he did get out, then he dug his way to China! Come on, Pat? You know it can’t be him. Annie was the one who did this… Annie was the one who killed Brenda… and… Pat, Melissa, you guys are staying here, tonight? I mean, just because we got different opinions… you’re not gonna make me stay alone… right?”


I’m dreaming, Jason thought, dismally. All of this is just a bad dream. I’m not really stretched out on my bed in Salem, Massachusetts, recovering from injuries. Annie and Abbie aren’t vampires. Their father isn’t a vampire. This is all a bad dream. I’m going to close my eyes, now. I am Jason Langdon, a telephone repairman I live far away from here, in a tiny town called Trulane, in California. I’m twenty-one years old, and I have a three year-old daughter…Missy. Illegitimate Missy. I slept with a crazy guy’s wife. That’s it. He’s crazy. Yeah, that’s something I can deal with. I can deal with someone who’s crazy. Anyway, Tommy is still alive. Tommy, please call, wake me from this nightmare.

“For the love of God,” Jason moaned aloud. “Someone please wake me up!”

Abbie ran around to the back of the house shape-shifted into a cat. She stretched her furry body, then raced up a nearby tree.

“Mom?” Patricia tensed. She leapt out of the bathroom and ran into the hallway.

It was Annie.
“Mom? You home? Hee-hee. Hey. Why’s the door locked? What’s up? You scared of me?”
Patricia stumbled downstairs. Had she gotten enough sleep? She had to stay awake all night. Vincent was not going to touch Melissa again. Never again! Pat watched as Melissa came running out of the kitchen. “Mom! Is it-”

“Be quiet!” Pat ordered. Pat had an inner strength, that saw her through very dark days. She was a stupid dumb child when she fell for the charms of a fallen angel, in human form called Vincent, and she had become his slave, as well as the mother of his cursed offspring, Annie and Abbie. It was only inner fortitude that kept her going during the long days and terrifying nights, as Vincent raised up his girls to take after him in his un-dead nightmare.
She was 14 yrs older. She was 14 years stronger, as well.

Would Jason be able to offer assistance? No, she realized. He had become weak, and dependent upon Pat to take care of everything. In the last 14 years, Pat became stronger on the inside, and Jason shriveled. She guessed Vincent could have a different effect on different people.

But where was he? Why doesn’t he just reveal himself? We already know he’s back. What’s he waiting for?

“She’s at the door! MOM ANNIE’S HOME!

“Don’t let her in!” Patricia hissed.

“I heard that,” Annie yelled. “You don’t have to let me in. I can come in anytime I want!”

There was a brief moment of silence, then an agonized shriek.

“Who put holy water on this door?! I’ll kill whoever did it! I’m seriously gonna kill…”
More silence. Patricia ran to her daughter, and put her trembling hands on Melissa’s shoulders.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean that,” Annie continued. Her footsteps could be heard on the roof high above. “I’m nice. I’m a nice vampire. You know…YAAAAA!” Patricia looked and saw Annie’s feet in the fireplace. She had tried to come down the chimney, and stepped into a pile of garlic.

“How could you do this to-Damn! DAMN!” Patricia watched in fascination, as Annie’s feet swung loosely as she tried to scramble back up the chimney. The feet vanished, and more footsteps could be heard. Melissa darted away from her mother and ran into the kitchen.

“She’s at the kitchen window! Mom! Come here!” Melissa yelped.

Patricia struggled, trying to hold back her tears as she and Melissa cautiously approached the bay windows.
Annie peered at them and smiled. “Aren’t you glad I hurt Jason? You’re glad I hurt him aren’t you?” Laughing, she turned into mist and floated toward the sky.

Melissa dropped to her knees and bawled loudly. Patricia now understood that Vincent sent Annie, to show how he had complete control of her, just like when Tommy died. To Vincent, Annie was only a puppet.

Patricia sighed. It was going to be a long night.

Abbie, back in her human form, jumped out of the tree. “Mom! I’m going after her. Don’t leave the house!”


Upstairs, Jason cringed in the bed.
“They’re doing this deliberately, Jason thought. They’re rattling our cage, watching us squirm, loving every minute of it.

Loving every minute of it?

Hey, that sounds like a song I heard years ago.

Thumping noises could be heard outside, in the distance. Jason turned his head to look out the window. A tree was swaying in the breeze. But…there was no breeze only seconds ago.

His heart pounding madly, Jason slowly rolled over, and thrust his feet onto the floor.
“Pat?” he called anxiously.
Outside a strong wind howled ominously.

Jason?” Patricia called urgently “You’d better come downstairs. Jason he’s here!”

“Aw…GOD!” Jason clutched at his injured ribs, and stumbled into the hallway. He had made it to the landing, when a great blast of wind shattered a window in the bathroom. Then there was a sound, like a thousand feet stomping all over the outside of the house. Jason sunk to his knees. He could see Melissa and Pat, huddling together on the couch. He was paralyzed with fear, and just couldn’t make it down those stairs. Heavy tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Help me! Pat! Please help me!”


“Annie? Annie! Where are you? Why are you acting like a jerk?! Why are you doing such awful things to our family?!”

Abbie had followed her sister to a lonely cemetery in Danvers. No one living was here, and Abbie scoured the ancient burial grounds, looking for her sister. She had looked in every tombstone and crypt in this place. She had never seen so many spiders before; there seemed to be more live spiders than there were dead people. When she was done searching the coffins, she sat down on a broken headstone and picked spiders from her hair.

Well, Annie certainly wasn’t here, now. The only thing unusual here, were two fresh bodies. Annie was also in the process of making more vampires, after she and her sister made a commitment to never create others of their kind. What a hypocrite!

The sun! Abbie looked to the East. Yep. It would be sunrise soon. How could she spend so much time looking in coffins? Well, time to get home. She wouldn’t be able to give Billy any news about Brenda, now.


“Billy, do I resemble a man?”

Billy gazed up from “The Vampire’s Fate”, the essay he wrote six months ago. Jeff was standing in his doorway. Billy swung his feet off his bed and sat up.

“Don’t ask me that!”

“I just got off the phone with Melissa. I asked her if she wanted to come over, tonight. She said she couldn’t come over because I wouldn’t be able to protect her, if anything bad happened. I was offended! I’m brave, right? I’m a man.”

Billy blinked his eyes and turned away from his brother.

What did Melissa need protection from?

“Oh, never mind. I’ll be in my room for the rest of the night. Not that anyone needs my help!” Jeff stepped back and yanked the door shut.

Billy sighed, slid off the bed, and stepped over to the door. He opened it and saw Vanessa flash by him and enter her room. Damn, that Vanessa! She showed no emotion at all over Brenda’s death. Upon hearing the news, she got on the phone to her boyfriend and told him. When Billy confronted her about this, she just said, “Hey, the Homecoming game must go on.”

Billy wondered why he, Jeff, and Tiffani weren’t given a nice sister? Someone like Brenda.

Billy sat near his bedroom window. He looked at his watch. It was late. He watched out the window The sunset was throwing beautiful shades of pink and purple across the September sky. The colors were so beautiful. He stared at the sky until the colors faded and the sky darkened. He opened the window to let some cool air in.

Two pale hands slapped down onto his own. Frightened, he jerked back. Abbie! She was looking at him carefully. “Are you ok?” she asked, concerned.

“How can you just…appear…in places without making your way there like a normal person!?”
“Cause I’m not normal,” she stated. He looked at her, confused by the answer.
“Can I come in?” she asked.

Abbie sat in the corner, near the window. Billy went to turn on the bedroom light.

“Please don’t. It…hurts my eyes.”

“Oh… Any news?”

“Annie? No! She totally turned her back on me and our family. I’ve been looking for her…I think I know where she’s hanging out, but no face-time. She sooo pisses me off!”

“Then how do you know where she is?”

“Hm… just do.”


“I really can’t say.”

Billy grimaced as he thought over all the mysterious questions that had arisen lately. His eyes fell onto his essay. He leapt onto Abbie before she could react.

“NO! Billy, what are you…NOT THE MIRROR!!”

Abbie cast no reflection in the mirror! Revolted at his discovery, Billy released her. She crawled to the window, sobbing.

“Billy…we never asked for this…we never asked to be twins of evil…vampires! Please believe me…because I like you…and I can’t have you, to do that, you would have to be like I am. I wouldn’t do that to ya…”

Abbie placed her hands on the window sill, turned to look at Billy and said,

“I know you won’t want me back again… you know… if I was normal, you’d have been a perfect boyfriend. I’ll still try to find out…what happened to Brenda. I think another vampire did it.”

She left. Billy sat on his bed, shaking.


Billy tossed fitfully in his bed. It was already dawn but he couldn’t sleep. The news from earlier was too upsetting.
Abbie Kramer is really a vampire.
Billy liked her, and she was a member of the Walking Dead. He had never even dated a girl before Abbie. He was always too busy studying. Next spring, he would be class valedictorian. The one girl he really liked…was a vampire.

“Billy…oh, Billy…help me! PLEASE!”

He turned over in his bed and frowned. Yes, it was dawn.


Billy leaped off the bed and ran and looked out the window. The sight on the lawn terrified him: Abbie was stretched out, clutching the grass, crawling slowly across the lawn. Smoke was seeping out of her clothes.

She was dying! A vampire caught in the first rays of the morning sun, and disintegrating.

What should he do? Leave her there? That would certainly make a mess on the lawn…

Billy, he told himself, get it together! What are you going to do?! He silently ran down the stairs. He opened the front door, and rushed out to Abbie. He shoved his hands underneath her arms, pulled her up, and dragged her to the backyard, all the way to the basement door. He pulled the door open, and dragged her down the steps.

“My sister…” Abbie choked, continued. “She tried to kill me…busted up the basement…and my coffin! Billy… we were so close… ”
Abbie couldn’t fight of the effects of the rising sun any longer, and she needed to conserve her energy so she would heal quickly. She closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

Billy laid her down carefully, and felt around in the darkness. Wasn’t there a cardboard box down here? Yes! There it is. He shoved Abbie into it, pushed the box into the farthest corner.

Now he had proof. Today, he would confront the Kramer’s.

Did they know anything about this other vampire?

No Such Thing As Vampires

Billy was so relieved that school was over for the day. He couldn’t stand another minute of it. On normal days, he loved school. But right now, things were far from normal. Vampires were on the loose in Salem, he was hiding one in his basement, and…

His sister was the new Homecoming Queen. She was being a real pain about it, too. The student reporter, Amy Cooper, was interviewing her today. Even she was turned off by Vanessa’s insensitivity. Jeff, being the mouthy teenager he was, told Amy:
“I hope it’s a NIGHTMARE she never forgets!”

Billy hope, was that nothing strange should happen to Vanessa; if it did, Jeff might get blamed for it.

He looked up at the Kramer’s house. Taking a deep breath, he ran to the front door, and knocked firmly “Mrs. Langdon… are you in? I need to speak with you.” Billy waited, and remembered that Melissa didn’t show up for school today. Oh, no… was it too late for her to be protected?
“Mrs. Langdon… Abbie is in my basement right now. I know she’s a…”

He shouldn’t yell vampire, right?

Billy shook his head, turned around and saw Damien’s motorcycle in front of his parent’s house. He saw his friend come outside. Billy ran over to him. “The Langdon’s aren’t home. Maybe they… went shopping. Do you know?”
Damien walked over to his motorcycle.

“Will you help me clean out your sister’s room on Saturday?” Damien turned around quickly. Beverly was standing in the doorway, some tissues gripped in her hand. “I can’t wait. I…need to do it right away.” Her voice broke. Billy put a hand on Damien’s shoulder.

“Listen… remember what you said…what you said about Brenda being-”

“Shut up, Billy! My mother will hear you, and she doesn’t need to hear that! Besides…I’ve got no proof… I tried to find it, there is no proof.”

“You were right,” Billy gasped. “She…I’ve GOT proof!”

Damien slipped the key into the ignition. Billy went on. “I think…your sister was killed by a vampire.”

Damien gasped. “What!?” he cried.

Abbie and Annie Kramer. They’re vampires. But Abbie thinks ANOTHER vampire may have-”

What?!” Damien remarked again. He really couldn’t believe this! He looked toward his mom, but she had gone back inside. “If she hadda heard you say that, Billy, I would have jumped off this bike and knocked you out. Get me?!”

“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. I can prove it to you!

“Man, I can believe in a lot of things ok? For instance; I believe that I had a vision that my sister was going to die. But murder? Billy, I haven’t gotten very much sleep these last few days, and I’m all spun. Maybe I imagined that someone killed her… but, vampires? That would mean my sister sold her soul, wouldn’t it? How can you say such a thing? No, Billy! I am not going to discuss this CRAP anymore ok? Bye!” With that, Damien started his bike and drove off.

There’s no such thing as vampires

Damien knocked back his 5th beer of the night, basking in the warm and increasing numbness.
Then he got a 6th beer. He checked his watch. It was now ten at night.
“A little drunk, a little early,” he giggled.
He would stay here in the trailer tonight, and probably… hopefully… pass out. He had spent most of the day at his parents house. His mother was full of anger all day; Damien couldn’t pull her out of it. It was just a natural part of grieving. Steven was of no help; he remained away from the house all day. Damien’s dad told him to go back to his trailer, and sleep. He could then come over in the morning. Brenda’s funeral would be at Pastor Kirkakis’s church at one in the afternoon.

“Your eyes are deep red, son. Go get some rest,” dad had told him. Damien thought that was a good idea.

So he went back to the trailer and got drunk instead.

It was only two steps to the bathroom, and he bounded across the floor and into the tiny stall. He slammed the door shut behind him.

While he relieved himself, Damien studied his reflection in the mirror. His dark brown hair was down to his shoulders, now. He liked it that way. Long hair seemed very natural to him. Before he had moved out of his parents house, his hair was just below his ears. Now it was all over! Maybe he did need a slight trim…

A thump was heard outside the trailer, and the electricity went out.

“Not again! CRAP!!!!” Damien said aloud. He bent over and fumbled for his pants. The trailer door opened and shut. Damien yanked his pants up, and hit his head on the sink.
“Dammit!” He gasped and stumbled back, falling hard against the wall. He raised his hand to his head. That hurt!

Heavy footsteps moved slowly across the floor of the trailer. When they reached the bathroom, they stopped. Damien didn’t move. He held his breath in anxious anticipation.

Who was on the other side of the bathroom door?

“Your worst nightmare,” the soft voice came. It broke into tittering laughter, then said, “I got your sister, Damien…and I’m gonna get you too.”

Damien felt sick. This couldn’t really be happening. It was just a alcohol-induced hallucination… right?

“But, not yet,” the voice continued. “First, I’m going to pay your parents…a visit. Then, I’ll be back for you! Boy! Are we going to have fun, tonight!”

“No!” Damien yelled. He lunged for the bathroom door, pulled it open, and dashed into the hall. He saw a shadowy figure dash outside, and quickly raced after it. Outside, the chain-link fence was wide open. After looking around for the antagonist, Damien ran inside for the keys to his motorcycle.

Hell On Wheels

The wind whipped through Damien’s hair, as he sped down the street. He had forgotten his helmet, but he had to make it to his parents house before that crazy stranger did. He slowed the bike down, he was only a block away from where he had to turn.

Something heavy slammed onto his back, and thrust him forward. His head struck the gas cap. The blow sent tremendous pain throughout his face.

“Hey!” he yelled. There was someone on his back. How could someone jump on his back, now? He was doing 40 mph!

“I can’t let you go to your parents, Damien. And ruin all my fun? I don’t think so.”

A big hand moved past Damien’s eyes, and the bike shot forward.

“No! I’ll crash! Get off me! You’re crazy!

“Crazy? You wish it were that easy!”
Damien could only watch, terrified, as the road below blurred in the ever-increasing speed of the motorcycle. He couldn’t see anything else, but heard car horns honking, brakes slamming, and two screams.
“Damien, you’re a real thorn in my side. Do you know what happened to the last pecker-wood that was a thorn in my side? I killed him, just like I’m gonna kill you…and when they find your rotting corpse, they’ll believe it was a typical drunk driving… a guy drowning his grief in alcohol… hey that’s kinda funny!”
The stranger laughed maniacally as the bike careened down Liberty Hill Avenue, now at an awesome one hundred miles an hour.

Damien tried to push himself up. It was impossible. He was terrified, and angry.

“I’ll see you in hell!” he spat bitterly.

“Of course you will. I’ll be a bit late, however, so please don’t wait up for me, I have some business to finish, dontcha know

“No… “ Damien whispered.

“Oh! Would you be so kind as to tell my boss that? You’ll know him when you see him. Well, this is where I get off. Bye-bye, Damien. See ya soon.”

The weight on his back vanished fast. Damien jerked up and tried to bring the bike under control. He was too late. The motorcycle slammed into something, and Damien went flying.




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