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Genesis 6 King James Version (KJV)

6 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.




“I can’t sleep. Why can’t I sleep?”

Brenda Kirkakis sat up in her canopy bed and brushed at her long black hair that was hanging in her face. Her clock said it was two in the morning. She sighed in frustration, and looked around the darkness, and saw a solitary light peeking through her bedroom window. The glow from the streetlight outside was serene enough. It cast its pale yellow light across the floor, to the closet on the other side of the room. Brenda thought and swung her legs off the bed and slowly made her way to the closet. She dropped to her knees and felt inside. She pushed aside several pairs of shoes and grabbed a big plastic-covered book. She got up, went back to her bed, and turned on the light. She set the book before her. The plastic book was her handmade photo album . Maybe looking at this would help her occupy the time until she fell back to sleep.

She opened the book to the first page. The top of the page had the heading: Mom’s side-Gardeners.

She frowned.

The Gardener family lived in a small town called Trulane, in California. The population of the town was only about four-hundred.

What eventually happened to the Gardeners was too sad! The oldest son, her cousin, Tommy, was only eighteen when he died. He was baby-sitting his little brother one night while his parents went down the road to visit some friends. Apparently, Tommy’s mouth was stuffed with an extra-big piece of gum and he fell asleep while chewing it. When his parents got home, they discovered that Tommy had choked to death in his bed.
How awful! Brenda gazed mournfully at the picture of Tommy. He certainly was a handsome boy. He had long, brown hair, and intense brown eyes. He had a smooth face, and thick, pouting lips. Brenda could not remember him personally; she was only three when he died. Brenda cocked her head, wondering about a cousin she never met.

She got up from her bed, and went to the window. She looked across the street at the two-story house across the street. It had been vacant for three or four months, but now, people were moving in again. Someone had arrived at around two in the afternoon on Wednesday, an older woman with brown-grey hair. The woman had two suitcases with her when she entered the house. Then, at four, another person arrived; a tall man with black hair. He was carrying three suitcases and in the back of his car was a green auto-man. He also went into the house, but much more quickly than the woman. He had a nervous, scared look about him.


Brenda went back to her photo album, now looking at a picture of Steven Gardener, Tommy’s younger brother. In this picture, he was ten. He was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, and a pair of blue shorts He had short, black hair, and a tiny nose, and a wide mouth. Mom once said, “Steven’s grin is a mile long.”

But he didn’t grin anymore, and hadn’t in a long time. He was there, with Tommy on the night he died. Steven was asleep in his room, while Tommy was choking to death. It shattered him. He became depressed, and after his parents died, and he came to live with Brenda and her parents, he became even more depressed.

Brenda and her family flew on a plane from Massachusetts to California the day after Tommy died, at the request of mom’s sister and brother-in law. Brenda remembered nothing about that trip; her brother, Damien, remembered enough. He was six. Damien said that Steven was as angry as a person could get, and her brother hid her in the trunk of the Gardner’s car.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be safe from his anger,” he told her years later “because that’s what made Cain kill Abel.”

Brenda shut the book quickly, as bright lights flooded her bedroom. Music could be heard outside. She tensed, and sat very quietly for a few seconds.

The death-metal music stopped, then a high-pitched voice yelled, “I know how to read a map and I say this is the right house!”

Brenda jumped from her bed and ran to the window. She looked out nervously. There, parked in front of her house, was a 4×4 Ford Truck. Standing at the open door on the drivers’ side, was a young woman with long, blonde hair. She had a slender build, and wore a halter-top, a red leather skirt, and tennis shoes. She shut the truck door, and marched up the driveway to the front door. Brenda knew it was part of the new family across the street, and wondered why they had all come separately. The passenger door opened, and a young woman who looked just like the first girl, but in a sweater and jeans, hopped out. They were obviously twins. “Jason’s car is across the street, Annie. This isn’t the right house!”

Brenda saw another girl sit up in the front seat. Triplets? No, this girl looked a bit different…

“And I say it is-EEEK!” The girl at the door reeled backwards, clutching her chest. “Wrong house…WRONG HOUSE!

“I told you!”

The girl…Annie… leaped back, and hurtled toward the truck, as if the devil were chasing her.

“I AINT’ going to pay a neighborly call here…I’m tellin’ you right now!”

“AM NOT! How dare you use sloppy grammar around me!”

“No fighting!” the girl inside the truck yelled “Remember what the book says. You loving

each other heals you.”

Brenda noticed the back of the truck was piled with furniture; two mattresses, a cot, a sofa, a folding table…and something else. It looked like two long boxes, covered with blankets.


As the two girls hopped into the truck, Brenda wondered what the first girl found that was so repulsive on her house. There was only a stained-glass cross hanging in the window.

What was so repulsive about that?

Brenda suddenly felt tired again. Oh, good; she had an exam in Trigonometry tomorrow, and she had to get enough sleep. She put the photo album back in her closet, and went to bed.

The Ghost

Tommy Gardener’s spirit floated along in the fall breeze. He had been floating, gliding, for fourteen years now.

Ever since his beloved girlfriend, Annie Kramer, under her father’s evil command, murdered him.

It wasn’t Annie’s fault. Her father, Vincent Kramer, was…what did you call it… a vampire. He passed this wicked curse onto his two daughters; the twins, Annie and Abbie.

Tommy was dead, and in an agonizing state of unrest.

Why do I have to be like this??? he cried soundlessly. This is a horrible existence! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…

Was that it? Is that why he couldn’t move on to the next life? Because Vincent was free now. He had found them several months ago, and was now watching them closely. He had been freed just hours after he had been buried in a deep hole by his daughters. At least Annie and her family had gotten far enough away, managing to elude Vincent for the last fourteen years. Tommy had managed to follow them as they traveled across the United States, while trying to be a regular family. It seemed he could go nowhere else, so he stayed near Annie. Years ago, he was a comfort to the lonely girl. Even though she was no longer mortal, or a victim, her presence was now his only comfort.

Annie and her family moved every two years, so no one would catch on to the fact that the 2 girls never aged. Any financial transactions were done in cash, which was less easy to trace, and even houses were purchased with cash. All the money was earned from working night-shift jobs, and with their hypnotic powers, the twins could fool any mortals they did business with.
What town were they in, now? Tommy never knew half the time. He was a disembodied spirit, and he found he couldn’t understand things like the letters on road signs, or print on newspapers. It looked blurry to him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Tommy could feel humans he had a connection to, he’d have been hopelessly lost years ago.

One of them is close. Very close. Let’s see if I can get closer. Ahhh. It feels so strong. Annie? Pat? Is that you? Can you feel me? I’m right beside you…

In a 1-bedroom trailer, parked on Commercial Street, Damien Kirkakis had a particularly bad case of Influenza, and had been in bed for the last two days with a 103-degree fever. He stirred fitfully in the early dawn of Friday morning, but remained in a deep sleep. His temperature was peaking, at 104.

“No…no” he moaned, clutching his pillow. He was sweating.

You feel nervous… whoever you are. Do you know I’m here?

Damien’s eyes flashed open.

Woah… who was that BEAUTIFUL blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddess hovering over him, her arms stretched out, ready to embrace him.

“Ah, yeh… hello, darlin’,” Damien smiled, “humm… you got a name?”

“Oh, Tommy…I love you so very much. So very much.”

Tommy? His name wasn’t Tommy.
Something was wrong.

The girl held out her right hand. Resting on her index finger, sparkled a diamond ring.

“I love the ring,” she giggled. “Tommy, we can be together forever! My daddy said that I could have you…forever and ever!”

The girl fell forward onto him. “Hey you got it all wrong, honey. I’m not Tommy. And I didn’t give you a ring-OW!”
She bit him! She bit him in the neck. He pushed her away frantically.
“I’m so not into kinky sex–DAMMIT!”
Her face…the girls face was smeared with blood, and Damien knew it was his own blood.

“Just a little bit longer…and we’ll be together for all eternity.”

Who is this? I don’t know them! It’s not Annie…or Pat…or Jason…Who is this?!

Damien jerked awake quickly. “I’m Damien!” He muttered aloud.

He sat there in the darkness, trembling.
Who was he talking to? There was no one else here.

Was it too cold? Too hot? He was dripping with sweat. Had Billy Reizo, fixed the climate control yet? Billy was Damien’s friend, and a schoolmate of Brenda’s. Billy was helping out Damien in his illness.

He’ll make a fine doctor, thought Damien.

It wasn’t cold or heat that was making Damien shake, that he knew. It almost felt like someone was in the room with him.

Someone he could not see.




Beverly Kirkakis, Damien and Brenda’s mother, knocked on the door of the Langdon’s house. Patricia Tremain, the mother of Annie, Abbie, and Melissa, answered. Beverly smiled and introduced herself.
“I live across the street. It’s nice to see some lights on in this house. It’s been vacant for a few months.”
Beverly noticed 5 half-empty boxes, a brown, ragged sofa, and a green auto-man with a stack of postcards on it.

“Would you like to come in?” Patricia asked. “I’ve just put coffee on.” Beverly thanked her and they went into the kitchen. It was sparse, with a wooden table, 3 chairs and a small refrigerator. Sitting on one of the built-in cabinets next to the wide bay windows, was a cardboard box with some cooking utensils

“My daughter saw you moving in from her bedroom window, last night.”
Patricia flushed. “I’m sorry. I hope we didn’t disturb you.”

“No of course not.” Beverly paused for a moment. “I have a… son, also. He doesn’t live at home. But, it leaves more room to care for my nephew, who’s been living with us since his… parents died years ago.” Beverly paused and sipped her coffee. Then she continued.

“You have children. I saw one of your daughters early this morning… going to school I guess? And the other two?”

“Sick!” Patricia nodded, and clasped her hands together. The twins are sick… it’s…Porphyria!” she stated. It was a good cover, and best dealt with, early.

“I’m sorry,” Beverly said. Beverly took Patricia’s hands compassionately. “That’s fine. I hope we can be friends” Beverly smiled.

“Thank you,” Patricia replied gratefully, hoping it was the end of the matter.

The sound of a car could be heard as it stopped in front of the house. Some one opened and slammed the car door, and someone opened and slammed the front door when coming into the house.

“I dropped Melissa at school! Pat! Patricia? You home?”

Jason Langdon strolled into the kitchen. “Oh!” he said upon noticing Beverly. “Hey what up?” He stuck out his hand awkwardly.
“This is my…husband,” Patricia nodded and introduced them.
Beverly stared for a moment. First at Jason, with his black hair, blue eyes, and youthful appearance of abut thirty-five years. Patricia looked much older, she had long, brown hair, brown eyes, and she looked to be about… well, almost fifty, at least. Maybe even sixty??
“My husband, Daniel, is a pastor,” she said suddenly.
“If you haven’t found a church…maybe you might consider-”

“Annie and Abbie in church?” Jason blurted out. “Can You imagine THEM singing Amazing Grace? Now that would be funny!”

Patricia and Beverly didn’t laugh.

“We’re Jewish!” Jason exclaimed. He smiled strangely, turned and walked out of the kitchen. “Yeeees, Jewish, we be!” He could be heard climbing the stairs, and a bedroom door opening and slamming. Patricia noticed Beverly seemed disturbed.

“I’m sorry about this!” Patricia bowed her head. “It’s been a strain on all of us, trying to be a family. I left my… legitimate… husband, fourteen years ago. He abused me. I think Jason felt sorry for me, mostly. That’s why he stayed with me, but sometimes I think it’s been too much for him.”

Would Beverly be satisfied with the explanation?

“Dear! I’m so sorry to hear about your trouble. I want to be your friend. And maybe, if your daughters don’t mind, my husband could talk to them. Just for spiritual guidance in trying to lead a normal life.”

“Maybe,” Patricia said, very relieved. “They’re very proud to be Jewish…so, I’m not sure. But let me get you more coffee.”

As the coffee was brewing, Patricia wondered if she should tell the truth, and thought about what to say.

When I was sixteen, I met a handsome, much-older man. I imagined a dream of adventure and romance. He was dark and mysterious. That’s what excited me, and I invited him into my life. But he raped me and I became pregnant. He went to my parents and announced we were getting married. We left town and I never saw mother and father again. Nine months later, I gave birth to twin daughters, and found out Vincent was a vampire. Anna and Abbie were alright at first. When they were thirteen, I slept with the telephone repairman, and became pregnant again, with Melissa. I was trying for revenge. Vincent let me have the baby. He said his girls would need a quick food-source when they became vampires. That day came when they were sixteen. Melissa didn’t die, but Anna’s boyfriend, Tommy Gardener, did. Annie buried her father the next night, sealed him up in his coffin and threw it into a pit. Then we all ran, and have been running ever since. That’s what really happened.

Oh, yes. Mrs. Kirkakis would buy that. Then she would call the nearest mental institution. And an exorcist. Patricia set the coffee cup on the table.

“Sugar?” she asked


Was it night? Yes, it was night. The sun was down. Annie was sure of that. Re-energized by the moon and the stars, she crawled out of her coffin, and sat for a moment on the dirt floor. It was time to go and look for a job. Time to go and hypnotize some mortal weakling into hiring her and Abbie, even though they had no resumes, and hardly any job-experience. Whoever hired them would also pay them in cash, which drew less attention from people.

Annie peeked into Abbie’s coffin. She was still asleep. Annie close the lid.

“I need a mouse… a nice fat one,” Annie said.

Whoever made up the vicious rumor that vampires needed tons and tons of human blood should be forced to meet a real vampire. It wasn’t that blood wasn’t great, because it was. But a vampire could exist on mouse blood as well as they could on human blood.

Still, human blood from a live human was always special. Perhaps it was envy of the vampire. For the vampire wasn’t a real human.

Annie walked up the basement stairs and out into the night. She stepped back and admired the basement. It was like a little outhouse, and was located fifteen feet from the main house. When one opened the door to the basement, they walked down the stairs and beheld two beautiful wooden coffins. A lantern hung from the rafters.

She walked around the side of the house, past her and Abbie’s 4×4 truck. She would need to get new tags, soon. The old ones were two years expired! Annie walked softly across the dry leaves. She spied Melissa out on the front lawn with some other humans her age. Schoolmates, probably. There was Melissa, the twins half-sister. Standing next to Melissa was a girl with long black hair, a boy with short blonde hair wearing a football jersey colored orange and black, and… a rather nerdy-looking boy who wore glasses, his hair color was slightly darker than the boy wearing the jersey. Annie waited to overhear their names; Billy, with the glasses, Jeff, wearing the football jersey, and Brenda with the black hair. Billy was smiling as he talked with Melissa. All of them then broke into smiles, and laughed. Melissa was such a sweetheart, so optimistic. She needed to make real friends, to live a normal life, but she was devoted to her sisters and hoped to be able to love them toward being cured of their vampirism.

Annie took a deep breath, turned herself to mist, and floated toward the sky.


I want my mom.

Damien leaned over the exposed engine of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He was almost to the point where the darn thing would run properly. It was about nine-PM and he hoped to be finished soon.

I want my mom…tell her about how sick I got…the dream…tell her I love her. But I can’t talk to her like that…not yet.

He looked over at his renovated trailer. Yeah, he did a good job fixing it up. But his heating system broke down last week, and that’s why it was harder to get over that Flu-bug. A cold breeze blew though the silent auto-yard. He had completed two years of auto shop in high school, and was able to make a living for himself by operating a place where people could work on their own cars. Damien could help, for an extra fee. He ran into the trailer and grabbed his leather jacket, went back outside, pulled it on, and continued working on his bike.

I respect mom and dad., he thought to himself. I respect my Dad’s position as a pastor. That’s why he had to kick me out eight months ago, after he found out through a member of his own congregation, that during those nights I was out working, I really was working…with Sheryl Martin…working on Sex Education. Ha-Ha. It wasn’t so funny the night he tossed me out.

“Damien, are you…engaging in sexual activities…outside of marriage” he asked me. I knew what would come down if I told the truth. He would be forced to…oh, what was that word…Dis-fellowship! Yeah, that’s it. Dis-fellowship with me: that meant no birthday celebrations, no doing lunch no phone talk, no coming over to see my beautiful but small trailer. I had to be honest; I love my dad.

I don’t blame them. He did what he had to do. He had to protect the integrity of God’s Word.
I moved out then; the situation was making it a very uncomfortable burden.
I wish Brenda could have understood.

Brenda! Beautiful baby sister, I still remember you standing at your bedroom window, watching me leave, and you were crying. Your tears splashed on me as I stood below your bedroom window on the second floor. “Damien!” you cried “Who’s going to take care of you? Damien…PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!”

Now Brenda was stuck with their depressing cousin, Steven, who was never very successful at dealing with the fact that his brother choked to death 14 years ago.

Now, who’s going to take care of me? Not Sheryl! She left four months ago…got a job as a showgirl in Atlantic city, and left me… but she left behind her trailer…and if she ever wants it back…no way! Forget about it! It’s mine now!

“Do you work here?” a high-pitched voice from above said. The suddenness of it startled him and he dropped the wrench he was using. He looked up.

It was the girl from his dream! Was he still tossing and turning in fever-induced dreams. No, Tommy told him he was getting well.

I had a cousin named Tommy, Damien pondered. Steven’s brother…

Why was he dreaming about a cousin he could barely remember?

“HALLOO? ANYBODY HOME?” The girl rapped lightly on his head with a clenched fist. He grimaced and pushed her hand away. “Stop it, alright?” he stood up, and backed up a few feet.

“I saw a help wanted sign on the fence-”

“The fence is locked up!” Damien insisted. “How did you get in without me hearing you?”

“You interrupted me,”she said quietly. “And it doesn’t matter how I got in here. I want you to hire me.”

What was it about her eyes? They bored right into him. He put his hand to his face. He felt kind of dizzy.

“You want to hire me, right?”

He nodded weakly. “Good!” she exclaimed, and strolled past him into his trailer. He followed her. “Let’s talk business,” she began. “I want cash only. No checks. You can’t be too careful these days.”

“I saw you…in my dream.” He went to the stove and poured two cups of coffee.

“Me? In a dream?” she laughed. “I thought people only saw me in their nightmares. Are you sure it wasn’t a nightmare?”

It was a nightmare, wasn’t it?! In his dream, she tried to killed him!

Damien handed her a cup filled with black coffee. “No. Of course not.”

He looked at her closely. Was this really happening? He had never had visionary dreams before. He sat at the table across from her. “I need to be with you.”

“You mean in the same room, or… or something else?”

“I don’t know… it seems to be very important.”

“Oh, I get it. You want some action! Why didn’t you just say so?” She took his hand.

Wait! he thought, I can’t. I made a promise to myself…celibacy! Until I’m married. I promised myself…

“Now, I’m not gonna take money for this, you understand. .I’m not that kind of girl. Ha-ha!” she pulled him to the back of the trailer, and onto the bed that was covered with a moving blanket.


Damien Kirkakis? My little cousin, Damien! MAN! I held you when you were 6 months old and you peed on me!

Who are you? This is all a dream…

No. I’m really here. Somewhere inside your head. You were like a magnet to me yesterday. I guess because you were sick.

Tommy, what was that first dream all about??

That’s how I died. She couldn’t help it, Damien. Anna tore my throat open. She didn’t mean to. It was her father, Vincent. I think he’s the devil.


Annie hovered over him for several minutes and watched him sleep. She wanted to bite him, but something was stopping her. Something about this boy…it made her so sad. But she still wanted to be with him. What was it? Was he to be her salvation?

Wasn’t Tommy supposed to be her salvation? No. Annie accidentally killed him years ago, forever ruining any chance of freedom. She couldn’t hurt Damien the same way.

Damien…wake up! She’s here, Damien!!. Tell her I’m here. Tell her I love her!

His chest heaved under Annie’s fingertips. Grumbling something, he rolled over, knocking Annie off the bed. Sobbing, she put her clothes on and left.



The Enemy

“Don’t be so pessimistic, Brenda. I’m fine, really.”

It was Saturday night, and Brenda had gone to make her
daily visit with her beloved brother. She brought her new
friend, Melissa along.

Damien gave his sister a tender hug. “I’m ok.”

“But your eyes…you look so tired. Are you sure you
don’t want to go see a doctor, about your flu?”

“Just… I’ve just been having strange dreams,” he said.
“They’ll go away. How’s Steven? Gloomy as usual?”

“Of course. Oh! Steven says no one is allowed to talk
about Tommy anymore. Mom and dad say that’s a good
sign, but hes still way-depressing in my opinion! He went to the witch museum to meet his girlfriend, they were going
dancing after.”

Damien started. He poured soda pop for his
guests; Brenda brought over her new friend, Melissa.
Melissa was the new girl in school, and the Principal of
Salem High assigned Brenda as a school-pal, so Melissa
could get around and feel at home in the new school. Damien’s friend
and a classmate of Brenda’s, Billy Reizo, and Billy’s
brother Jeff, came also. Damien liked having them over,
and he wanted to make sure his sister was with good

“I got another check ready,” he said. You want it now,
or… “

“You can mail it to the house!” she said. Jeff burped and
Brenda stuck her tongue at him.

“Mind your manners, child,” Billy said. He was a year
older and acted the typical big brother.

“A check?” Melissa asked.

Damien nodded and went to the closet. “I’m putting
money away so Brenda can go to college. I don’t want
all the burden to fall on my parents.”

A loud crash was heard outside the trailer. Damien
slammed the closet door shut and ran outside, followed
by Melissa, Jeff, Billy and Brenda. What they found was
three overturned metal garbage cans. The trash had been
spilled all over the pavement. A cat was seen running
away. It screeched loudly.

“Oh, gross!,” Jeff said, and pinched his nose shut. Damien looked around, then he and the others set to work at cleaning up the mess. Afterwords, Damien turned to
Billy and said, “Can we go somewhere and talk? I really
need to talk.”

Damien looked toward the sky. “It’s these dreams.
They’re not like…well, they…” Damien took a deep breath.
“Let’s go to the Common.”



He and Billy rode around for about 10 minutes, when
they reached Federal Street, Damien noticed Annie and
her twin sister, they were sitting on a bench and holding
hands. Damien tightened his lips and pulled the bike to
the curb.

“Billy, get off.”

“Right here?”

“Get off! It’s her!”

Billy sighed and placed his hands on Damien’s
shoulders to keep steady as he stepped onto the
sidewalk. he removed the helmet and gave it to Damien.

“I didn’t know identical twins looked that much alike!”
Damien said.

“Some do, some kind of don’t… but, yeah. Those two look almost… perfect.”

Annie and Abbie approached them. Abbie immediately
recognized Melissa’s new friend. She leaned over and
whispered. “Find out all you can. This may be

She approached Billy them, whispered something into
his ear, and the two of them walked off in the direction
of the twins house. Annie and Damien stared at them
as they left.
Annie faced Damien head on. Act natural, she told herself. He’s suspicious.

“I’m sorry,” Damien said.

“For what?” Annie asked as she stood on her tiptoes,
acting bored.

“Well…last night…I hate sex.”

“Too bad,” Annie replied as she leaned over to tie her
tennis shoes.

Damien felt like a buffoon. “Uh, I mean I do like sex…but not like that…I mean
you’re ok… it’s just… ”
Damien didn’t feel like a total idiot, he was a total idiot!

Annie walked up to him and stared into his eyes. “Are
you always this awkward with ladies??”

“No…But I believe there’s got to be more to a
relationship than sex. You know?”

“Oh, absolutely.”

There was a brief silence between the two, then Damien
said, “Would you like to go dancing?”


The nightclub on Church Street was alive with the sound of rock music and lots of people on a dance floor. The place was smoky, but didn’t reek of beer the way most nightclubs do. Damien had met Sheryl here, and he came here tonight with the intent of making a new start with Annie.

“Is it ok if I say you look hot?” Damien spoke loudly, and with a bright smile.
The music paying was a swinging jazz.

Annie grinned back. “Yes…I do don’t I?”

At least she thought she looked hot, but this was only from looking at her identical-twin, Abby… it had been so long since she had seen her OWN reflection.

“Annie, you want something to drink?” Damien asked.

“Lemonade! They got lemonade?” She moved to the counter with him. She grabbed his arm.. “I’d also like to talk to you
about your dreams, if that’s ok.” He nodded.

Damien ordered at the bar, picked up a lemonade and
cola, Annie sat on the stool, and took her drink.

“Damien! I never introduced you to Lucy.” Steven
stepped beside his cousin and slung his arm around
the tall brunette sanding beside him, smiling brightly
“She works at the museum, makes sure the nooses are
tied on the wax figures, occasionally you can catch her
trying on the costumes, but she’ll never admit it.”

“Right, Steven,” Damien said, hoping his cousin would leave quickly. He never had much patience for Steven and his moods; he was almost manically happy one second, the next, gloomy, miserable, and barely speaking to anyone. He was sad that his cousin, Tommy had died. The whole family was, but that was 14 years ago. Everyone but Steven had moved on. To Steven, it was as if, his brother died yesterday.
“Thanks Damien,” Annie said to him. “Oooh, lemonade!”
Damien was firmly pushed back and nearly fell off his stool.

“Steven! What the hell?! he snapped.

Steven released Lucy’s hand. His face turned into a
mask of hate at her stared at Annie.

Do I know this goon? She wondered.
His response to the unspoken question was a tight, angry face and narrowed, glaring eyes.

“You!” he growled.

“What’s wrong, man?” Damien questioned with growing concern. He reached out for his cousin and was shoved away. Steven resumed glaring at Annie.

“Anna… Kramer?”

Outwardly she appeared stoic, inwardly, alarms were going off; this was
Tommy’s baby brother! He was there… when Annie
killed Tommy.
“Sorry wrong number!” she stated.

“Steven?!” Damien approached his cousin. “What’s
wrong with you?”

Bitch!” Steven turned to his cousin, wild-eyed and desperate.

“It was her! She’s the one who killed my brother!”

“Steven,” Damien said “Your brother choked to

“Bullshit!” Steven pulled back “You’re parents lied to you, they didn’t want to scare you or Brenda. Damien his throat was ripped out! That bitch killed my brother!”

People at a nearby table turned around to see who was

“Hey you!” some man snapped “Keep your voice below sonic-boom level huh?!”

“Steven, calm down!” Damien ordered, as other people were starting to take notice.

“Yeh, Stevie? Let’s get out of here. This… place is boring. Come on, huh?” Lucy asked.

Very carefully, Steven turned away. He was smiling helplessly, but his eyes revealed frustration, despair, and fear.

“Dude called me a bitch!” Annie snapped “Apologize you mofo!”

Enraged, Steven leapt towards her and grabbed her throat with both hands.
“I’m gonna snap your neck, you Satan-spawn!”

Damien tried to pull him away, and a couple other people tried to help.

The electricity shut off, along with the jazz music. Angry shouts near the pinball machine could be heard, and the sound of a glass breaking. Someone farted loudly. Someone else giggled.

From somewhere in the darkness, an unseen stranger
slammed into the crowd. Damien felt for Annie’s
slender arm, and pulled her away.
“Let’s get out of here!” he whispered.


to be continued…

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