Night Of The Living Plants-The Arrival

  WATCH THE TRAILER! Night Of The Living Plants by Kristine Quick(copyright) All reports confirm that the world is witnessing an unprecedented shower of meteorites. There is no record of a display such as this in recorded history. At observatories astronomers are noting this fantastic phenomenon, and are carefully calculating the effect on our […]

The X Witch Project-X Files/Blair Witch Project Crossover

An X Files/Blair Witch Project crossover Blair Witch Spoilers: too many to count! X Files Spoilers: “Darkness Falls” and “Squeeze/Tooms”(somewhere in the 7th season, I recall a joke Mulder made about going to look for the blair witch, and it compelled me to write a fanfic. PART 1 OF TWO: was originally a one-shot, but I found an adequate way to continue the story! Will have Dogget and Reyes.
cover pic by Julia Rayne

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