The Living Dead Girl

Summary: a teenage vampire questions her existence as well as her future.

this is a prequel to “curse of the twins”

“Vince gone forevah? He nevah gonna come back?”

“I watched as my five year old sister stepped onto the new grave. Her feet sunk in the dirt slightly. I leaned on the shovel and closed my eyes. It was almost night.

My father, Vincent Kramer, was buried five feet under this ground. My nightmare with him was over.
My nightmare with myself was only beginning.
The thing is, I’m a creature of the night. A real live living dead girl!

I’m a vampire, but feel free to call me Annie.

All my life was misery. My father was a cruel tyrant; emotionally and physically abusive. Mom suffered from a blood disease and she was always weak and sick, spending most of her time in bed. My twin, Abby suffered the worst. She had been in a catatonic state since we were 10 years old. The only light in our dark and dismal home was our five year old half-sister, Missy.
Missy was the product of an affair mom had with the telephone repairman.
Vincent the terrible told her he had scraped her off a rock.
He also kept her out of the basement with tales of monstrous ghosts that would come get her, one dark and stormy night.

“Abby was bad once. Da ghosts came and ate her voice! Vince told me so so I know it’s so!”

Missy was not the one who could bring redemption to my life. That hope lay with my boyfriend, Tommy… or so I thought.

When theĀ  barely subdued madness and violence finally erupted in our home, I tried to get mom to leave our father, and he pursued us with a vengeance one dark and stormy night.

On this fatal night, I left the house barely noticing that my sister seemed to have regained her speech.

“Thirsty… soooo thirsty… THIRSTY!”

I paid no attention and left, walking three miles to Tommy’s house.

“Oh, thank God! Your dad has been putting me off for three days now! He said you had gone to some retreat. Why didn’t you tell me. I missed you, baby.”

I had nothing to say. I just smiled and leaned on him as we went up to his room. We passed by his younger brother, Steven’s room, and saw he was watching tv. Very quietly, we slipped into Tommy’s room and closed the door.

We were young, in love, and at the height of passion. I wasn’t aware of my new nature, I had no clue that our beautiful shining moment would end in such tragedy.

I squeezed him tightly, and he began to struggle against me. I just giggled and held closer, squeezed him harder, now humming some silly childhood lullaby. This went on for a few minutes before he finally stilled and every muscle in his body relaxed.

“What are you doing?!” a voice cried out, and light flooded the room.

I guess Steven was trying to spy on us. Maybe he was only trying to get his brother in trouble.
Kids could be such pests to older siblings.
I got up, hastily putting on my clothes.
“You… you… killed my brother!” he shouted in anger.
A coppery-sweet scent wafted in the air, causing me to wipe at my nose.
I looked down at Tommy.
His throat had been torn open, crimson blood drooling from the wound.
My lovers’ dead eyes stared at me, and I didn’t even know how it happened.
“You’re a monster!” Steven cried out. All I could do was grab the rest of my clothes and flee into the night.

That was two days ago. Now Vincent the terrible was sealed in his coffin, 12 feet down. I sighed again and tapped the shovel.

Missy pointed down to the ground. “Vince close to the bad place! That good cos he scary!”

Abby sat by the grave. “”Who’s gonna teach us what we need to know! Daddy knew and we don’t

“Abby, help mom get ready. We’re leaving soon.” I ordered.
Abby nodded and went inside the house.

“I know! I know now! Vincent was the ghost that was hidin in tha basement, right?!” Missy was jumping about frantically, waving her tiny hands, excited at her enlightening discovery.

We packed up some essential belongings in the back of my father’s truck and then we all got in. While pulling away from the house, and onto the main road out of town, I noticed Steven at the crossroads. I looked him in the eyes, and he glared back at me.
The sobs caught in my throat, but I drove on, wondering what the future would hold for all of us…


Author: Kristine

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