another thing i want to avoid is some personal notion of nobility making me perform an act that will hurt you… your own feelings aside so get over it ya pansies!
all things are lawful, NOT all things are profitable!
i could even be right… that is to say my intent might very well be altruistic, i might only mean the best, even for you.
(and i’m so convinced hell is overflowing with people who were sure they “did all the right things” in this life)
but it’s morally wrong… it’s evil AF… to make you pay the price for my “noble cause”.
if that was the case, then that is far from noble.
even farther from the heart of God, who said it first in His autobiography!

thank God i have no real authority over anyone.
save for my cats, and it’s my only wish that i never do them wrong. they are weaker, it is up to me to do the right thing by them! God forgive me if i haven’t, God help me to do better the next time!
the property… it’s not a human but its care is entrusted to me by a good man who is counting on me to do the right thing.
my website.
my page, the most of which i can at least give you a disclaimer every now and then, that being “PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!”

unless it’s one of the fictional pieces.

just my take.

Author: Kristine

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