fun times since 2016!

I’m a weirdo!!!

my facebook page is weird!
but hey, well i’m not here to look good!
looking good, it’s a fool’s endeavor. it’s a carnal desire with extremely temporary results.
it has no lasting value.
and i just can’t do some “happy medium” cos my brain can’t operate on that level.
i don’t want any part of something so cheap.
what i have, needs to be real. it’s needs to be tangible, to be solid.
i won’t waste my time building a house on sand. i won’t put any effort into something that will just crumble away eventually. and you know the choice is not as easy as you might think.
i look stupid and i know that but i cant have it both ways. more power to those… who can look good and BE good at the same time. it’s no fun looking like an idiot to the world but dammit i won’t look good at the cost of my heart and soul!

so thanks again, to those who endure “my utter nonsense” and know I’m not really like that, and thanks for allowing me the privilege of being myself and not rejecting me for it.
may your patience, and kindness towards such weirdos like myself be rewarded! 

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