but anything else, you won’t find here.

I believe 1000% in the God of the bible.

The apostles creed is embedded in my soul. I am convinced it is the ultimate truth.

I don’t think it’s my job to convince you of this.

It’s not possible for me to change your heart and make you believe it.

So… I won’t waste my time or your time.


The rest… well I refuse to dirty my page with even dirtier partisan politics.

Even if I think I should sometimes.

God is truth. Jesus is truth, and that’s all I will swear to.

The rest is “for entertainment only”!

I can tell a good story.

If I take a partisan stand, them my work will be automatically subject to some kind of shame..

I’m just a storyteller, an entertainer, hopefully with some good messages. But those messages will become forever lost if I do that. Peoples’ feelings are very strong and passionate these days. There are those who will NEVER give the stories a chance if they knew right off my own political leanings.

(It would challenge them to rethink what they believe, and it might prove those beliefs to be invalid. That would be a horrifying reality for some, but for me, that was good! ALL of my beliefs were duly challenged and I accepted that challenge. At the end of the day all I had left was God! And at the end of the next day, I realized that was all I needed.)


So aside from principles that I think apply to all people, regardless of who you voted for, and within the bounds of my own convictions… then what you see is what you get.


You know… A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants is what I hope for. If it also benefits you, enriches your life in some other way… know that I didn’t make that happen.

Because I’m just a storyteller.


Author: Kristine


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