Being true to myself, and finding allegory in video games!

out there in the world i’m a LOT different. i do rant a lot on my FB page, but i need to express myself the only way i can do that is by writing about it.
(out there, and 100% honest. i’m quiet and unassuming. i blend in, and i don’t want to be noticed that much. i’m not important, and don’t really want to be)
and i’m a flawed human being! i’m an actual person like anyone. means i have flaws! some even BIG ones.
last night someone told it was good i can admit to that.
(i don’t know, i have tried and tried and tried, but eventually i gave up. I can’t be anything other than me, and I’m done wasting time trying to change that… it is also not without personal sacrifice. others would tell you i’m an idiot, and that’s not a fun place to be)
perhaps that explains my love for the anti-hero, and that we need more of them because that’s real!
Mac, from People With Special Powers is an anti-hero… and more like my actual self than the rest.
The rest contain elements of me, obviously.
But if I had to point to one that was most like who i really am, then he’s it.
Yeh I totally GOT to write my posts. will be done today. I just couldn’t concentrate yesterday.
Well, most of the time it is a deep struggle anyway, but some days are harder than others.
I did my Left 4 Dead therapy last night. I played my favorite character, Zoey, I survived but in critical condition, with a HP of 2 and a “guys I’m really hurt!” voice-over.
critical, beat to hell by infected, and smokers and boomers and the witch!
but alive at any rate.
Allegory. Yeh, that’s a good word for it!

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