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What’s It Gonna Be??? The Walking Dead

In regards to “The Obliged”, which is the fourth episode of the ninth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Premiered on October 28, 2018, and written by Geraldine Inoa and directed by Rosemary Rodriguez.

In just one short week, how will Rick Grimes exit the show?

this is just my wild guess, and I’m not looking at anything besides the episode I saw tonight.



Because we all have dreams. 🙂

Ok here I go!



start scrolling!









keep going








looking good!






Rick dying out there is too easy. If you consider that Maggie/Laurie Cohen is out following week… methinks Rick makes it back… all the while being pursued by the ghosts of his past, and with a rebar jutting from his side because Rick be like “to hell with the pain i ENJOY the pain, it keeps me motivated!” … because, Rick Grimes! :p
He makes it back, with the spirit of Punisher-Shane screaming in his ears, only to clash with Maggie. and she:

1. mistakes him for a zombie and caves his skull in(kind of weak)

2. she fights him, and rick in his weakened condition cant fight back and she kills him(strong, more Robert “I’m gonna play your heartstrings so hard they will all snap and GUESS WHAT THE STORE IS OUT OF STOCK AND WON’T HAVE ANY NEW STRINGS FOR ANOTHER MONTH” Kirkman.

the following week, Maggie leaves. she feels extremely guilty for what she’s done and exiles herself, who knows where.

since Laurie Cohen will come back at some point, then Maggie will too, after she “gets over it”.

This will not happen in the beginning it happen toward the end, with a fine showcase on “Herschel, Sasha, and Shane”. Rick dies at end of the ep. next ep Maggie leaves at end.

That’s just my take.

Any theories you got? Drop a comment below!

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