The Great Zed Adventure-Part 1

Title: The Great Zed Adventure
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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

What do you get when you mix a zombie apocalypse with the New World Order?

The back-story:

One year ago, a deadly plague came to North America and
1000 people were dead in one month. Panic gripped the
nation, and the country balanced precariously on the
verge of Martial law. But the disease was subdued,
ending almost as quickly as it began. North America then
breathed a sigh of relief.

It is now one year later but, the worst was yet to come,
as a vaccine for the plague has hit the market, since the
occasional outbreaks still seemed to hit and or there.
And since it was free to all, in the interest of humanity.
it went into wide use, here and abroad.
But, unbeknownst to most of humanity, the “Free” Vaccine is
really a cover of a sinister plan for “Population control”.

There was a secret group, who was taking inspiration from the
infamous Georgia Guide-stones; the New World Order was coming, and nothing would stand in its way.


Catharine Durham held an image in her mind.
There was a mass roundup of panicking citizens. In the dead of the
night, citizens were routinely grabbed off the streets and hustled
into buses, train cars, cargo trucks, and whatever mode of fast
transportation was available. The citizens were worried, confused
and some were freaking out.

But there was a greater danger in the world, as a deadly virus was
spreading from community to community.
Of course the citizens would beg for help from their friendly
neighborhood FEMA!

Catharine took a quick note in her journal.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with

Then she set down her pencil, and pondered the words engraved on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

Between 2000 and 2010, the population of the world now had
80,000,000 new people on it! It was shocking to her.
As she progressed through the ranks, and traveled the world, she
was invited to the exclusive Bilderberg
Conference, and that was an event that rocked her world.
She also met someone very special, and she hoped their paths
would cross again.
That was a story for another day, right now, she was getting ready
to meet her first contact and then catch a plane to Los Angeles.
Operation Georgia Guidestones was underway.

She walked determinedly into the building, through a large open
area, across a stone floor. Her footfalls clicked loudly and
announced her presence to any within earshot.
At the elevator she was met by a small entourage of men in black
suits and wearing earpieces. They quickly ushered her inside. The
doors closed and the elevator began to descend.
No one said a word. Everyone just glanced ahead at the doors as
the elevator moved downward. After several minutes they reached
the bottom level. The doors opened and Catharine was met by
two armed guards, who nodded at her carefully, and escorted her
down several corridors.
After several minutes, Catharine stepped inside and took a seat.
She noticed the ashtray, and took the opportunity to light up a
cigarette. She opened her small purse, reached inside and pushed
away the handgun. Then she pulled out her plane ticket and sat
before the supervisor, a tall slim woman with black hair, a slim

face, and deep-set brown eyes.
“I can’t afford to be late,” Catharine told her.
She sat back in the chair and pulled off her sunglasses. “It’s a
lovely day, isn’t it?”
The woman looked her over carefully, cocked her head, left to
right, then smiled.
“There’s supposed to be a terrible storm later today. I do so enjoy
storms,don’t you?”
The woman held out her empty hand. “May I have one?”
Catharine was confused.
“A cigarette, please!” the woman said.
“Of course. Sorry.”
“Thank you. Now give me your report.”
Catharine opened her briefcase and pulled out a thick file and
placed it on the supervisor’s desk. She snuffed out the cigarette.
“Everything is optimal. I’m flying to L.A. Soon, in the position of
overseer We have some crisis actors in place, just in the event that

the citizens become suspicious during administrations of the
She paused.
“Wow, vaccines are really bad for you, aren’t they?” She joked.
“Yes.” the woman opened a drawer and pulled out some items.
“Here. Along with the vaccines, take some extra dosages of the
active pathogen with you” She said “In case you need some extra
‘Persuasion’, for any of the reluctant masses.” She explained.
“Your flight,” she began as she stood from her chair “Are you
planning on flying Military, Commercial or …’Reserved’?” she
questioned of the other woman.
An assistant stepped up to Catharine, handed her a small briefcase,
and stepped back into the shadows.
Catharine turned to the woman.
“Reserved. I’m told there are no children on the flight, and you
know that cost the taxpayers a pretty penny.”
Catharine paused, studied Annette for several moments. She did
remember this woman as being at the Bilderberg conference, but
then that Special Someone crossed her path, and the woman,
whose desk placard read “Annette”, and Catharine never had a
chance to dialogue.
After today, Catharine wondered if she would ever see either of
them again… maybe not?
Her attention went back to “Annette”.
“Yeh, a little extra never hurt. What about you? What are your
immediate plans, if i may ask?”

“Er… Travel via reserved…a private contract flight,” Annette smiled tightly.

This one was either smart, or pampered. Smart, because an
outbreak aboard a commercial airliner, was a spectacular
incident, waiting to happen.
Pampered, because taking a private jet. Annette would had a little
more respect for this young one, had she taken a military flight,
instead. Lower key and less expense but, if the top tier didn’t
mind, who was she to bring it up.
“Well, you have a nice restful flight.” She said
“Just be ready when your plane lands, to not get any rest, until
you report in again.” She warned her.

“Ah… yes, but where to? Sorry, you have yet to tell me… “

Annette looked at her. “Well, since you need to know,”
she began “We shall be moving from these vulnerable
premises to ‘Greenbrier Hotel’ complex.” she told
her “That is an old Congressional Bunker but fortified
enough for our needs.” she said. “So, I shall be
overseeing that move” she explained.
She leaned towards the younger woman “I expect to see
you there, in 10 days, for your status report” she
commanded to her.
“Get going” she told ‘The Kid’, as she sat back down,
ignoring Catherine, and studying more reports.

Leaving Virginia, Catharine, ran fast through the airport, pushing fast around and sometimes
under, people. She moved with a grace and agility
befitting her youth and constant training in physical
prowess. She was from a long line of very healthy
people. When she reached the TSA security checkpoint
she breezed right through, with merely a few glances
from the employees. All she had to do was show the proper ID,
and everything went smooth. She then boarded the flight,
a small reserved craft with 30 other agents. The plane
would make a few stops between here and California.
She and ten others were to depart at the final stop, LAX airport.
The spore was in the wind.


Alice’s diary.
The most important news of the day is I finally broke up with

Donovan. Best thing I ever did, my next goal is to punch his
mistress, “Sindee the Strumpet” in her damn face.
I can’t write bout this now. On to the good news!
I have the dubious distinction of being nominated the
leader of the college book-of-the-week club! My books are
selected! I have 3 classics from the 18th century and 2 modern
classics! I got up late and found the clothes I was going to lend
Taryn were where I left them. She decided not to wear them, I guess. And it’s
beyond me. It’s cardigan, for goodness sake! Ok, whatever. I have
to pick up Jessica so we can go get our vaccines. She’s scared to
death. She hates needles.

“Alice! Yo, Alice in Wonderland! You’re white trash friend arrived!”
Taryn screamed from downstairs.
Alice slammed her diary shut and got up from the desk.
“Dude she is not white trash!”
Alice stomped into the hallway, heading down the stairs, passing

Taryn, who was on her way up.
“Be in my room if you need me!” Taryn replied nonchalantly.
Alice shook her head, and continued on, meeting her friend at the

“Can’t do it!” Jess said, sliding across the threshold, arms wrapped over her chest. “Cannot get the vaccine! I’ll take my
chances with Margutt.”
Alice got them both some coffee, and endeavored to reiterate how
awful it was, when the nightmare called the Margutt Virus came to
America last year. She reminded her friend how 1,000 people died
in 1 month, and about how Martial Law almost took effect.
And then she explained, very carefully, that there was no connection
between vaccines and autism.

“I haaaaaate needles!” Jessica said, and sipped her coffee.

“My parents are somewhere in the Mediterranean on their cruise,”
She said, changing the subject and holding up a postcard.
Jessica pumped a fist.
“Party time?!”
“Ah… I don’t know… I promised… ”
“Jory can come!” she said, referring to her boyfriend Jeremy Hensley. “Hey I’m not working at the carnival since the mall
is closed for renovations… a party will really help to get my mind
off this whole Margutt-thing!”
“Right! Of course. Well that will be ok, I guess. Hey maybe Taryn
can amuse us with her new hobby; survival-ism!”
“I can survive… The needles!” Jessica whispered to herself. “Oh!”
She blinked. “Like what is on ‘Doomsday Preppers?’ ”
“Yeh. She’s got a ham radio and talks to our survivalist-uncle.
George. He lives in Dagget.”
“That’s… Interesting,” Jessica yawned. “So what movie should we
“Hold on,” Alice said, lifting a finger, then turning up the television.

“Attention everyone!” the announcer in an oversized FEMA coat began
“the Margutt vaccines have arrived and shall be
delivered to all hospitals and medical clinics in
Southern California. Remember the vaccines are
free of charge to all who need it… which is everyone! All
hospital workers will be paid overtime for the service,
and shall be assisted in part, by representatives from
the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and by
representatives from the Center for Disease Control!”
She stopped, tapped the side of her head and looked away. Then she turned back to the viewing audience a few seconds later, but now
with a little more animation in the voice, as if the she was
reading from a script.

“Ok, this is from rumor control…we wish to remind you, again, this is
not some secret government conspiracy! The vaccines are only for
protection against the Margutt Virus, and nothing more. You can
be assured of safety and cleanliness in the vaccines. You can be
assured that FEMA and the CDC only want to help you. Thank you
for your cooperation! Together we will beat Margutt!”
Then the TV station went back to its regular

Alice stood in the kitchen doorway, tapping her foot with slow
“You ready to go, Jess? Jess?”
Jessica was in the kitchen, sitting at the table, and stiff as a board.
Taryn bounded down the stairs, her jacket slung over her
shoulder. “OK, it’s time! Our zip code got called! Time for our vaccines!”
“Eep!” went Jessica.
“I’ll drive!” Taryn offered.
“Hell, no! You don’t have a license!” Alice told her.
“Uncle George taught me! I had a great summer, learning
survivalism at his place in Dagget. You really should have joined

Alice blinked. “I would, if the world was going to shit… but it’s not… so I won’t.”
Then she turned away, and ran up the stairs for her wallet and

“Look out! Taryn gasped as they nearly collided. Taryn put a hand
on her hip, then held up the wallet and keys
“Looking for these?” she drolled.

There was a loud wail from the kitchen, and Taryn and Alice ran downstairs fast.

“He-lo!” Jessica squeaked, as she saw her friends.
Her face was stuck in an animated smile.
“Ok, I’m ready!” She said through gritted teeth and sweat running
down her cheeks. Alice sighed sadly.

                                    BIG PHARMA CARES!
They got in the car and it took about 10 minutes to get to the
hospital. It was a sunny day in Southern California. The lines were
starting to form outside, with people dressed in their casual
clothes, just talking to each other, or not talking at all. Parents kept
the children together, though some kids played around on their smartphones, while others ran around the parking
lot on their skateboards and hover-boards, amusing themselves while they waited.
In one of the lines, Alice saw their next door neighbor, 65 yr old Mr.
Mendill, and waved. Taryn sprung out of the car, and Alice helped
out a slow-moving Jess… after prying the girls hands off the back
of the seat.
“I’m ok! I swear I’m ok!” Jessica kept insisting.
“Sure you are!” Alice tried. She felt terrible for her terrified friend, and put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

“This way, single file. That’s right.(koffkoff)The CDC and FEMA
thank you all for coming out today. It’s a great day for America
and the world. Soon and very soon, Margutt will be a thing of the
The words emanated from a megaphone by a male doctor,
standing on a raised platform at the entrance to the hospital.
The doctor, a little rushed for time, as the reps from
FEMA and the CDC began to enter the hospital and set
up their work stations.
“Taryn will you be so kind as to hold Jessica’s hand? It will help a
lot.” Alice asked.
“Awright,” said Taryn the “little genius”. Alice rushed inside,
heading to the cafeteria to get them some snacks.
As she stood in the line with the snacks, she noticed a familiar face.
“Hi,” the young man with brown hair and blue eyes smiled at her.
“We stopped at your place to get you… Jess is with us.”
“Yeh… ” Jeremy frowned. “Well all she could talk about on the
phone was the shot. I mean she was so scared, but I just couldn’t
deal with it.”
Alice sighed. “This will never work if you keep rejecting her
emotional needs!”
“I know,” he said.
“We deserve better!” she railed.
Jordan cocked his head. “You and Donovan break up again?”
She huffed, turned and strolled away.
She went back outside quickly, holding the snacks tight to her
“Hey where’s Jessica!” she asked her sister. Taryn shrugged. “She
grew a pair obviously. Said she was gonna get it over with.”

“Oh,” said Alice, then looked up to the sky as her sister was doing.
“What are you looking at?” she asked.
Taryn just kept looking up at the sky, and her eyes darted to the
North, the South, the East and the West.
“Hey!” Alice shouted.
Taryn just glared at her.
“So not deaf!”
Then she resumed looking at the sky.
Taryn smiled innocently. “Ohhh… nothing. Not a thing!””
“Oooookay!” Alice relented, as she saw Jeremy come out. “Here
have a candy bar!” she tossed one at her sister and moved off.
A little disappointed at not seeing “anything”, Taryn focused her
attention back to the line as it began to move.
“Shots are bad,” said the man beside her. He was wringing his

hands nervously, his skin glistening with sweat. “Vaccines are bad.
Well this is what i learned on the “Before Its News” website,” and
then he wiped his glistening forehead.
“Really?” she drolled “Before It’s News? Seriously?”
She put her hands on her hips. “No, that site you do not wanna
visit. Now look, there are plenty more enlightening sites
out there. Try Facebook. Look up ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. I know the
guy who runs it. And what about . Have you
checked that out? You want the name to my Tumblr site? I always
post the most important stuff there?”
The man listened to her talk for about 5 more minutes, his eyes
slowly glazing over.
“Can I go ahead of you? I need to get my shot!” he asked as he
smiled helplessly.
“Sure. I’m thirsty anyway,” Taryn said, and got out of line to get a
She reached the doors to the hospital, where she came upon Alice
and Jeremy.
“And how are yooou?” Taryn asked, but before he could answer
there erupted a terrified scream from inside the hospital!

                                          CHAOS AVERTED… ?
Taryn fidgeted in the reclining chair.
“I dunno… it’s just a thought but… maybe it was better we didn’t get the shots.”
It was night, and after Jessica’s freak-out at the hospital, all of them had come back to the house, ordered the pizza, and tried to amuse themselves with a marathon of “Friends”.
“You’re not gonna start up with that conspiracy-bullshit again are you?” Alice accused.
“Seems fixed… just… it was weird! I think most of the Margutt reports were manufactured!”
Taryn stood up, grabbed a slice of cold pizza.
“I better blog that, see if I can reach Uncle George on the ham radio.”
Alice gave her a dirty look and was ready to say something most hateful when her smartphone began jangling. The id read DONOVAN and with much hesitation, she took the call.

“What do you want?!”
“Er… company… not trying to press my luck, I just… hey I saw you at the hospital. Boy they really had things organized, didn’t take ’em long to get everything done. They even provided dinner. We had pizza, boy did YOU miss out!”
Alice reached over and grabbed a slice. “How can I ever live with such loss?”
“Yeh… Alice I gotta fever. Can you… uh… bring me some Tylenol? Please?”
“Stop it!” she wept “quit acting like you need me. Just call your harlot!”
She disconnected the call.
“Shots hurt!” Jessica moaned. “Look they got me. Well almost. I don’t think I got much in me… much… ”
She reached her hand over Jeremy, who was asleep in her lap, and pointed to her other arm. “See?”
Alice rolled her eyes. “I think you’ll live Jess.”
“I may not!” Jess replied, insulted.

Jeremy stirred awake. “Let’s not shout, guys. It’s been a long day.”
“I’m getting some ice for my wounded arm!” Jessica whined.
“It really doesn’t look that bad, Jess,” Alice said with remorse.
“Gotta love our Jessica.” Jeremy got up, shrugged helplessly, and followed Jessica to the kitchen.
Pissed off, frustrated, and confused, Alice sulked upstairs to her bedroom, lay down, and 45 minutes later, drifted off into a restless sleep.

“Who’s up for a morning jog?” Taryn exclaimed as she bounded into the kitchen, where she found Jeremy making breakfast.
“Nursing duty,” he laughed lightly. “Jess has a bad headache and she’s nauseous.”
“How many beers did she have anyway?”
“I don’t think she did. Hey, get a hold of your uncle?”

“Er… he’s on a… walkabout in the desert. He does that every… well, I gotta go. My legs can’t wait.”
Jeremy looked up, noticed the worry in the little genius’s eyes, but she was already jogging out the front door before he could ask.

“Coffee! Now!” Alice stumbled into the kitchen, pulling on her over-shirt, fastening her pants, trying to get ready for the day.
“Jessica ill? She’s usually up by now!”
Yeh, and I’m no cook. I’m trying. Look, it’s supposed to be her favorite!”

“Hey not cool! Are you just messing wit’ me. Get real!”

Alice looked to the front door. Was that Taryn?
“Hey we got power bars. I’ll take it up, with the coffee!”


“Wait… that-” Alice began, as the door banged inward, as Taryn rushed back inside.
“Oh, Jesus, no!” Alice looked over her little sister’s torn clothing.
“He lost his… Aw f… ”
“Taryn calm down! What happened?!”
“I’ll call 911!” Jeremy offered and went to get the phone.
“Mr. Mendill lost his shit and tried to give me goddamn hickey!” Taryn shrieked.
“Ok you… don’t look hurt,” Alice sighed with relief.
Then there was a bang on the door. It was Mr. Mendill and he was screaming in guttural tones.

“In the kitchen! Jeremy look her over!” she crept slowly to the door “make sure she… she… “

Alice put her hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath, readying herself to announce the police were on their way.
She was unprepared as the door burst open, and Mr. Mendill rammed her in the chest with his head!
“Ahh!” she cried out as the force lifted her off her feet, but only carrying them a couple feet before old Mr. Mendill tripped on the coffee table, and bringing them to the floor.
Alice struck her head violently, as she heard both Jeremy and Taryn screaming “Get off, Mr. Mendill! Get off you pervert!”
“God… God… help… Alice whispered as she felt his hot breath on her neck. Blood dripped from the cut on her forehead, and down into her eyes as she struggled against Mr. Mendill, who now seemed to change into some kind of wild animal.
“Are you ok? Alice! Talk to me!” Jeremy was shaking her gently, pulled her into a sitting position, as she wiped the blood out of her eyes.
“Bastard!” Alice muttered.

“I got him!” Taryn said. Alice looked at he sister, who was standing above the now-unconscious Mr. Mendill with a busted table lamp.
“Alice!?” Jeremy asked again.
“911! Call fucking 911 already!”
“Right… right!” Jeremy gasped.
He got on the phone, screamed out for Jessica… and waited for 911 to pick up.

There was more screaming and howling from outside, and Alice crawled slowly to the window.
“What…in hell… ”
It was all the people in the neighborhood… the men, women and children, all leaving their houses, and heading towards the Williams’ house, following after Mr. Mendill.
Their movements were slow, and a little awkward, their eyes were wide open, and glazed as if they were in a trance.
They were definitely on a mission.

“Just go home! Please don’t come here!” Alice yelled out.

The crowd stopped for a moment.

“Jessica, get down here!” Jeremy yelled “Holy hell I can’t get a 911 operator!”

The crowd moved again, now shuffling a little faster, moaning and shrieking as well.
“Stop!” Alice cried out.


“Shit!” Alice cried out, as they back away from the windows, where the neighbors were throwing themselves at the glass.

Jeremy was scared now. “No one is answering! JESSICA!”
“Come on!” Alice ordered her sister, as the neighbors finally broke in, growling and screaming and grabbing for them. The stairs were cut off, and getting upstairs was not happening. So they went for the basement instead.
“Have to get Jessica, get in there!”
“What about-”
“No you’ll be ok… SHIT!”

The crowd rushed at them, forcing Jeremy into the basement, crushing against Alice and Taryn, and the crowd inadvertently locked them inside.

“Bolt it! With the wood plank! Ok, get outta my way I’ll do it!” Taryn yelped. She blocked the door and the basement was safe. But it was dark and smelled musty. The growling and screaming was only matched by Alice’s crying, and Jeremy’s harsh whispering for Jessica, who was still trapped upstairs.

~to be continued~

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