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So I’m strolling through the internet and I find this article about problems that are going on in America today that nobody is paying attention to and they should and this was one of them that being America’s largest psychiatric hospital chain is basically kidnapping people.

That’s right: the corporate dogs of Universal Health Services have 200 psychiatric facilities in America and they admit 450,000 patients a year and they take in 7.5 billion dollars per year in inpatient revenue. Well, thanks to 175 whistle-blowers inside of UHS we now have the truth, that they are finding any reason to commit people who have health insurance and making a profit off of that.


color me fucking pissed!

4 Problems That Should Infuriate Americans


I myself never had a clue, so today(July 6) I checked their website to see if my hospital was one of the hospitals that UHS oversees and what do you know IT IS!!

So that explains why the hospital had me incarcerated, after me mentioning an event that happened 20 years before. 20 fucking years. I thought maybe they just misinterpreted something I said. I guess not! I went to these people for help and all they wanted to do was steal the insurance money???


from Buzzfeed

Hey! Yo! I’m not going to do it say the experience was bad I’m not going to say the experience didn’t help me… I wrote some good poetry during my stay… but then I just recently find out they been and are still doing this shit? I should sue them!!! I suppose letting others know what they were up to will have to suffice.

Drop me some comments below. Let me know about your experiences with this obviously drive-by, chickenshit outfit.

You know what you need to do? You need to sit down and read this article. Thank you BUZZFEED for running this article. It’s hard enough when people like us need to get help, only to realize, what UHS is doing is nothing short of a scam on very vulnerable people. UHS, you should be ashamed.

This article was a hard read for me. I had no fucking clue. And to find this out after the fact, well, I’m furious. The upside is if, ever again I find myself in a questionable state I will be sure to double-check if UHS has any involvement at the place where I’m seeking treatment.


Fuck you, UHS.


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